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Welcome to the world of Clive bags!

Bags have become an essential commodity today. They are not only used for long distance traveling but also on day-to-day basis for going to work or attending classes or just going out for a party. To top it, people have become brand conscious and prefer to flaunt branded stuff.

Clive designs are in pace with the ever-changing tastes of the users. They are the most comfy, efficient, highly durable and excellent quality clive bags. They serve the ultimate goal of making traveling hassle free, comfortable and exciting. .

These bags have redefined traditional fashion that was limited to clothes and jewellery.

The on your back, on your shoulder speaks volumes of your personality. It denotes you clive bags taste, your character traits. Whew! And we thought only clothes depict our overall personality Well guess its time to change our mindset when it comes to bags.

This brand offers a wide range of products ranging from office bags to college backpacks to sports utility bags. The use of sports utility bags is evident from the huge number of blogs posted on various archives by sports freaks.

Most of the X-treme sports athletes like Stevie Williams, Bucky Lasek (expert skaters), Scotty Wittlake, Gaetan Chatun (Avid snow boarders) and Rob Machado. Eric McHenry (Eminent Surfers) are sporting these backpacks. Skaters, boaders surfers can carry lot of things in these backpacks. You will find stuff like laptops, iPods, food, drinks and hoard of other things in their backpacks. They even tow their boards in their backpacks!

Headquartered at 3055 Enterprise Ct., Vista, California, USA 92081 they also have an office in Dwyer Road Midleton, County Cork Ireland. These products are also available in well-known sports shops in the USA, Australia, Japan and Europe.

All the bags have their unique features. No two bags are similar. Office bags or the urban transit clive bags have

features that are different from the backpacks. These bags can carry everything from your laptops to your documents to your drinks and food. These bags have many compartments that will really amaze you and make you wonder as to what goes where. They have cushioned interiors for your laptops, plastic sleeves for iPods, hidden pockets to stash away that extra cash or important documents. Removable CD case, waterproof slot at the bottom for your cold drinks, rubber head phone slot and many more. These features vary from one bag category to another.

The Clive range consists of The Stevie and The Rooftop. The uniqueness of these bags are because of their designers. Prominent X-sports personnel have designed both of these bags. The Stevie is a pack that you can use for your day-to-day requirements and was created by Stevie Williams an expert skater. The Rooftop was the invention of avid BMX biker Mike Rooftop Escimilla and is the perfect bag for a long trip.

Have you heard of Eagle creek No it is not a place but a travel gear company. This company has been doing business successfully for 30 years now. Clive is an offspring of Eagle Creek travel Gear Company.

The two prominent figures to run the show for Eagle Creek are Steve Baker and Ricky Schlesinger. Steve Baker CEO and the President of Eagle Creek is an avid hiker, country skier and also enjoy kayaking in the sea. Ricky Schlesinger Vice President of Eagle Creek considers traveling romantic and has been a pioneer in developing high quality travel adventure products. He has also been honored with an Outdoor Retailer Leadership Award. Through Clive they launched their everyday bag collection consisting of a wide range of bags with different colors, sizes and shapes.

Clive Spring 06 collection of office clive bags was launched recently. These have new models, which are enough to drive the working class crazy. Apart from this you also have bags specially designed for Him and Her. The Merger, Transfer, Gridlock, Postal, Elemental, Workaholic, H2o Pro etc are some of the varieties for the men. The Dayoff, Metro, Emily, Flyclive are some of the womens bags.

Visit their site to find out more about their bag range and have a blast.