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Boxing Bags. Boxing or pugilism is a sport where two people attack each other with fists in a series of rounds. The game owing to its popularity is also called the sport of kings. A boxing bag or a punching bag owes its origin from this game. This bag though meant to prepare an individual for a bout of boxing, has come to mean as a bag which is generally used for exercise. It is a tough and sturdy bag that helps in improving the overall physical strength of an individual. It can also be used for exercise in preventing cardiac problems.

Punching bags come in various forms and shapes to suit various requirements. Some are suspended from a hanger while others are fixed to a stand. They contain various materials like grains and are meant to withstand immense pressure without tearing or harming the user. These boxing bags have been in vogue from ancient times and have been particularly used in military training. Their origin is dated back so much in history that it has come to be recognized as a symbol of physical abuse, so much so that people who are subjected to intense attacks are often referred to as punching bags.

The two most prominent types of boxing bags are standing bags and hanging bags. Standing bags, popularly known as Wavemasters can be filled either with sand or with water. Those filled with water provide a better feedback than those filled with sand. Sand bags are heavier than the bags filled with water. However, both serve different customers and meet different requirements. The world's most popular standing bag is The Century Wavemaster. It should be noted that the base of the Wavemasters must be filled with water to keep it down. However, an added advantage with the Wavemasters is they are easy to use, particularly when space is a constraint. Water filled heavy bags are weight adjustable with changing volumes of water. Water-filled bags also absorb more force than their conventional counterparts. However Water-filled bags don't have the extremely long lives like the other heavy bags. Standing bags however need regular replacements as they can be easily damaged.

Hanging bags, on the other hand are suspended by chains from a hanger. Having good durability, hanging bags are particularly good for people suffering from heart ailments. They also help in improving better limb co-ordination. However hanging bags require additional paraphernalia unlike standing bags. Hanging bags filled with water and are adjustable in weight are called Wave bags or Water core. Hanging bags particularly from Everlast which are not filled with water are known for their durability and are very flexible.

The general rule for these punching bags is that the heavier the bag, the less it will sway. A little sway is essential for developing the footwork but too much will impede the exercise. If the bag is too sturdy then it would make it hard by not absorbing the impact. Therefore one of the ways to minimize the swing is to select a double-end bag that latches to the floor. Without the latch, it could act as a typical hanging bag. On an average a 5'8" 170 lb male would require a 60 to 70lb bag. The following are some of the other heavy bags with their unique features.

TKO vinyl heavy bag offers durability and also provides a softer feel. TKO vinyl heavy bags come with PVC coated vinyl shell for style and durability and are known for exceptional quality. To reduce the swing the bag comes with double end tie down design. Usually these bags are available with heavy gauge welded D rings, a steel chain and swivel. Among these vinyl bags is the Everlast Nevatear line that offers premium quality vinyl cover.

Another boxing bags is the Desktop Punching bag, which provides quick rebounds and helps in relieving stress. The

Desktop punching bag acts as a great stress reliever for people of all ages. Suitable to home and office environments, this bag sticks to smooth surfaces and generally comes with an inflation pump.

For people interested in outdoors the best option is the Indoor Outdoor Heavy Bag with a waterproof exterior to protect it from wear and tear. Indoor-outdoor heavy bag from Everlast is filled with patented rubber filling to make it completely weatherproof. This is the bag of choice for those who do not have enough indoor space. The bag is tailor made to absorb impacts without harming the hands of the user.

Not all heavy bags however are weather resistant. Heavy bags absorb water and are ruined if exposed to the weather. So, ideally for outdoor use, a Canvas heavy bag is the best option. Leather and vinyl bag will get ruined by water. However, Leather bags are extremely long lasting and feel great when punching with bag gloves, boxing gloves or a bare-fist.

Generally, going for a bag by a quality manufacturer (like TKO or Everlast), will ensure better life and punching surface that is superior to that of some of the off-brands. The other paraphernalia that are generally required with the boxing bags are wall mounts and bag stands. Also there are the boxing gloves, which are very important. A leather bag feels comfortable when used with boxing bags gloves.

The following are some of the commonly used Wall Mounts. I-beam heavy bag attachment, Wooden beam heavy bag attachment, Floor or ceiling mount, Heavy bag wall mount, and Space saver heavy bag mount. The commonly used Bag Stand is the Cornerman from Century with no scrupulous attachments. This stand is made of tubular steel and is designed to be used by people of all sizes. Water-filled bags must be filled with water, and standing bags must be filled with water or sand. With the exception of these two bags, all others are shipped filled.

The most sought after bags, which are known for their quality and durability, are from TKO and Everlast. Also some of the prominent players in business of boxing bags and related products are Century, Powair, WaveMaster, Speed Boxer, Spar Pro, Body Opponent, and Title.