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Paint Calculator.
This paint calculator will tell you how much paint you need to paint a room. It will calculate the total square footage to be covered and take into account the area that will not need paint such as windows and doors.

Fill in the form below and click the calculate button to see how many cans of paint you need.

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Wall 1 Width: ft.
Wall 1 Height: ft.
Wall 2 Width: ft.
Wall 2 Height: ft.
Wall 3 Width: ft.
Wall 3 Height: ft.
Wall 4 Width: ft.
Wall 4 Height: ft.


Door 1 Width: ft.
Door 1 Height: ft.
Door 2 Width: ft.
Door 2 Height: ft.


Window 1 Width: ft.
Window 1 Height: ft.
Window 2 Width: ft.
Window 2 Height: ft.

Area covered by one can of paint

Can covers: sq. ft.

Calculated Area

Wall 1 Area: sq. ft.
Wall 2 Area: sq. ft.
Wall 3 Area: sq. ft.
Wall 4 Area: sq. ft.

Total Area without windows and doors substituted
Total Area: sq. ft.

Total Area with windows and doors substituted
Total Area: sq. ft.

How many cans of paint will be needed.
Number of cans:

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