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Web Hosting Solution for Business

Here are the necessary steps involved in the startup of a profitable online business:-

1) domain name selection-

While selecting a domain name you should keep in mind that it should be small should reflect the purpose of your business. Well your domain name is your online address that is where your customers will contact you. Selecting a good domain name will certainly add a boost to your online business. Domain name selection is the first step that you take to build an online business. It can become a difficult task selecting one as all dictionary keywords have already been registered as domains. So you have to work your head out to jumble and match woks to make a relevant domain name that is still available. You must register for a .com domain name as it will provide better rating on the search engines.

There are still numerous number of domain names to be registered. You can always get a good domain name that reflects the nature of your online work by combining a couple of words but still keeping the name short so as your clients dont face problem remembering it.

You can search for the availability of a domain name through various web search engines.

2) Appoint a WEB designer this could be a difficult task if you are not operating from a city. Locating good web designers in small towns who have actually built a few good business web sites is not easy. Make sure that the web designer that you hire is cost effective and can also present your site with a catchy look and also provide regular update service to you when ever needed.

If this option does not fits to your requirements you could also go for ready to use pre formatted templates. You could upload the data yourself to these or let a company do it for you. If you choose from the available companies on the web to do this for you this could be another cost effective way for you. They will charge flat monthly or yearly charges for rendering there services. This way at the cost of nuts you will get the services of a qualified professional web designer who will make sure that your site looks impressive and fits to your business needs to grow and generate revenues consistently. They will provide monthly or weekly update services as required by you and will stand by to look into the technical problems that you face time to time.

3) Pick the web hosting service after setting up your business web site, to start generating money you

need to publish it on the world wide web space for which you require a hosting service which you will host your pages on the web. You will find many of these web hosting services once you start searching for them online. Taking the decision to pick one is again a difficult task as each of these companies provides different hosting models to choose from. It entirely depends on your service requirements to make the final decision.

Still if you face problem in choosing a hosting service. You could look for a few features supported by your web hosting company.

24 hour live support-

You could start by dialing technical support numbers given by these companies. Now if you can directly talk to there qualified technician without much hassle you may be with a good hosting service. Compare between a few regarding there support system and pick the best deal for you. Its really very important as many say that they have a quality support service attached to there product but many never really provide it when needed.

Look for the Guarantees and offers attached

If a hosting service provides a trial offer or a money back guarantee along with refund of unused limits you can always make a good deal out of them. There are many which do not provide these services but still run good businesses, you can always avoid these hosting companies if you are willing to add a safety feature to your online business.

Room for upgrade:-

With your business growing and conquering new highs you will feel the need of upgrading some products and services and may be also increase your offerings. At this stage in your business changing your hosting company is never desirable as brings in new challenges. Upgrading to higher bandwidth and more storage will not be a major problem at this time in your business with your current hosting service but some additional services that you may require your hosting company may not be able to provide it to you. In fact companies offer enormous bandwidth and storage in the very beginning a part of their marketing stunt. Getting additional services like ecommerce, spam filters and effective tool support for marketing purpose are the ones you should look for.

Comparison among the web hosting services can be done through hosting directory web sites. Sites like provide information about various hosting sites they even compare and rate them for you. You will even find information regarding attached product and services and special offers that these hosting services give.

4) Getting email- now thats the simplest process but is the backbone of your business. You cannot conduct any business without your business id. Your email will enable you to communicate deals and offers with your clients. This is the address where they will contact you.

Make sure that your email is secure and provide the signature at the bottom feature where you can leave your contact info and describe your business line in short. This feature could get you good number of deals.

5) Promotion of the business web site

The best way for advertising your web site is getting it listed with a search engine or appointing an online advertising agency for your work depending on the budget you have. Tying up with google is always a better option. Promoting your web site through google could bring in huge traffic to your site if your advertising model is well prepared.

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