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Affordable Small Business Web site

Creating an affordable small business web site:

Doing your business the modern way requires you to have a competitive business plan and a web site as a place to do business. Hosting your pages on the web is the way of putting your model onto work. Your website is your foremost important tool in your online business as it comes into direct contact of the visitor and prospects him to become the customer of your product or service. For small business owners having a web site for the sale of their goods and services is a very cost effective and progressive mode of doing business.

Once you take the decision to do your business online. With your business model and the contents of your site ready its time to get your site hosted over the web to get customers for your offering and make money.


Your web hosting company is the one which stores your pages online and charge a flat fee for this service. Now what actually happens is that when a visitor sends a request for a web page it is these hosting services which make your content available on demand.

A web host conducts all the communication between your web pages and the person requesting them. Choosing the most reliable web hosting company for your web site is a major decision involved in the process of your web site development. Just in youre your web hosting company is facing some problems time and again your clients wont be able to visit your web pages. This will in turn have a very negative impact on your sales

Web hosts offer various services and features so while selecting the hosting company for your web site you must evaluate their offering as per the following criteria.

1) Bandwidth and space provision:-

Space provision refers to the amount of storage facility your web hosting service provides save your

web pages online. If you require a web site for a small business a storage space of around 100mb that can support almost 60 web pages is enough to keep running. While selling through online stores you may require more space depending on the quantity of your products and services. Now the Bandwidth limit is limit to the amount of files which can be accessed or downloaded by a visitor in a months duration. Refers to how many files can be downloaded and viewed by visitors per month. A small business site with an approximate traffic of about 500 visitors a day will perform well with a 5 GB bandwidth limit. If your site has a huge product line and many web pages you would require more bandwidth usage.

2) Buying domains and sub domains:-

Normally the web hosting companies charge for every domain name. Average price per domain may be anywhere around 10 dollars. In the bigger deals that the web hosting companies offer they even provide multiple domain and website hosting service on the same account name. the further divisions of a domain used to club web pages under different categories are the sub domains. A single domain may carry around 5 Sub domains on an average. First you need to calculate the requirement of domains and sub domains for your small business web site then you can select between the different packages provided by the web hosting service provider.

Business email account

After selecting the domain name and a web hosting package for your web site you need to build a communication channel between your marketing team and auto response software with the visitors of your site and your costumers. To simplify the process you can create business email addresses to communicate with the customers and provide them with the solutions you have to their queries. Emails are your online addresses where anyone trying to contact you can communicate with you. Many good email service providers have the auto response system which they provide to there clients along with an email account. These automated responders on arrival of an email on your account reply back with pre-loaded text. These come in very handy when you are out for business or vacation.

Script compatibility

In order to add extra functions to your site such as forums or chat rooms you need your web hosting server to provide you the compatibility of running scripts. Check if your web host provides functioning of most regularly used scripts such as CGI, PHP, and Java etc

In your search for a web host you will find a number of web hosting services offering you free web hosting service. Its very amusing in the beginning to get your site hosted for free on the web. But nothing comes for free, there is always a hidden or an ignored factor attached to the free offerings by the hosting companies. Companies providing free hosting of your web pages generally place there adds along with your pages which in turn generate them good revenues. There are various other limitations such as very less bandwidth or storage and they generally do not support additional services to boost your business. Free hosting services are recommended for personal sites not for the small business web sites. For the purpose of creating a small business affordable web site you need to opt for a paid web host who cam provide ample storage and bandwidth along with marketing support tools and an online effective technical support system. Making a chose between the hosting services depends on the amount of budget you carry for web site development.

3) Added functionality on the site:-

When your center of focus is creating a small business web site that can efficiently sell your product you need to add extra services on your web site to make it more resourceful for the comfort of your clients in order to retain them for long. One can enhance the features and functioning of his small business web site by adding common features such as subscription, polls and newsletters and even a few customer friendly interactive programmes which run with the help of scripts.

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