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Business is an activity, which can include manufacturing, production, buying, selling of goods and rendering of services. It has a wide connotation and can also include hunting down wild animals for survival. Of course, when tribesmen in Africa hunt down animals they are minding their business.

However their peak work schedules are generally nocturnal. Just like us even they prefer to work night shifts. They do maintain a record of the animals they have hunted down and restrict their hunting only for survival. They rarely hunt for game free business bank account or just for the sake of it, unlike civilized men who cherish such dastardly acts.

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Bankers have realized that in these dense forests of corporate hegemony they have to come up with innovative and business friendly services to survive and sustain their activities. So much so that they are willing to forgo their fee based income, generally considered the chief source of livelihood for bankers, in return for free business bank account turnover. Yes free business bank accounts have become a reality. Here bankers provide you all the services you have always been accessing hitherto for a charge, totally free of cost. And they have lined up an array of value added services, which can leave you mesmerized for sure. One cant help getting mesmerized by the heavenly phone banking services. Technology has rapidly brought down the cost of banking services. E-payments, Internet banking etc, have drastically reduced the human element in banking transactions. The costs in technology up-gradation were incurred sometime back during the dot com bubble and now that these costs have almost been recovered from services, bankers are unhesitatingly offering the benefits of this investment to the end users. So the benefits of high technology have percolated to the customers. Thats what the inventor of such technologies would have concocted. And thats what exactly happening. Even new Banks, which have borrowed money or raised money from the market through equities have invested heavily in technologies and are giving away the benefits right away to the customers. They dont want to be left out of the race. With electronic money virtually on the verge of replacing good old greenback notes, bankers are laying off excess staff and their margins and bottom lines have ever since gone up. Electronic checks have also become a nightmarish reality for the white collared bank employees. Their wide eyes have become even wider as they are becoming paranoid about their future. Banks are on a drive to retain only key personnel and outsource routine-rule-based jobs to preferred countries like India. Everything on earth has gone on line. Banking was perhaps the first thing to go online. Logically it was destined to go that way as its viable and quicker this way.

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Bank charges had always been a cause for concern for corporations as they have an adverse effect on Profit and Loss Accounts since they have shown a propensity to increase with the burgeoning check turnover. That meant every increase in Sale meant an increase in credit and possibility of check payments, which in turn increased the Bank charges. Free business bank accounts promise to provide some measure of relief under this head of expenses. There are always riders attached to these free services and some bankers free business bank account can certainly take you for a ride. But it is not entire impossible for bankers to sustain their operations despite providing free services. With massive layoffs of flesh and blood employees and automation of every possible tasks, free business banking is the natural progression.

Arent technologies become too counter productive. These technologies could possibly have been invented by some geek who would always whine about the long queues at the bank counters, delays in check clearing and the like. This could also be perhaps their vengeance for some ill treatment meted out to them. The society continues to pay the price for such mistakes and heavily, its is felt.

Lets hope that CEOs will realize that if this trend is unabated across industries soon we will find manufacturers and producers buying their own goods. Others

would become mute spectators of macabre globalization, which has ruined families and increased jobless growth around the world. Technology can limit a countrys ability to face challenges due to globalization. Private companies in any country would ideally look for cheaper destination for manufacturing of goods or rendering of services. This drives them to off shore destinations and by doing so the job prospects in their own country diminish. On the other hand the government grants huge agricultural subsidies to compete with exports of foreign countries. Hence the savings on technology are transferred to the agricultural households, but the urban middle class gets overlooked and this is where the problem lies. Surveys have shown that workers in cities across U.S and U.K have become skeptical of their futures. They feel like any moment they could be fired and this has caused panic among middle class households who are scouting for multiple jobs to face such eventualities.

Ideally there should be a Technology Censorship Board, which will monitor, screen and allow or disallow certain technologies which could have an adverse impact on human societies. Just like Nuclear weapons, which have the potential to kill millions, certain new generation technologies have the potential to make us free business bank account humans, mere couch potatoes. These Censor Boards would ban such technologies from being used in the public and private domains and impose severe penalties both for violation of its orders. The logic behind such regulatory boards is very simple. Everything on earth comes for a price and its the price, which sustains lives of people. When some sections decide to do away with the consideration they are resorting to unfair trade practices. Such unfair trade practices have to be curtailed to ensure level playing fields for every human being on earth.

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Technology was supposedly invented for the well being of human beings, but I guess, they have in fact started acting in detriment to our survival.

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