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Ecommerce web hosting merchant account

Merchant Account for Ecommerce web hosting

Before going deep into the term Ecommerce web hosting merchant account, we should first know how ecommerce can be defined exactly. Ecommerce is the short form of electronic commerce is used to describe any business over the internet. Business over internet can take many shapes.

But generally in any business you sell some type of services and products. The point of difference is the way to accomplish that task. But doing internet business requires some skills. The few of the most important things you need before getting into any business is a business plan, customers to whom you will sell your products and services and lastly you need money and infrastructures. But this is not all; you will also need good selling skills to market your product together with good performance to survive in the competitive environment.

Internet has become the need for the hour. Every company or organization, no matter how small or big, does have a website in the present date. These websites contain all the information about the company and their products you need to know. So if you want to know anything about any company all you got to do is to log onto their website. Now comes the point where Ecommerce web hosting merchant account comes into the picture. If you are into any sort of business then you should definitely consider web hosting. Web hosting is basically a process of getting listed onto World Wide Web so that you can launch your website through which you can reach people all across the globe.

The process of web hosting starts by choosing a domain name for your website. Domain name is nothing but the address of your website so that you could be located on web easily. You can take example of While choosing a domain name keep in mind that it should not be too long so that people can easily remember it. The second task is to design is website. The design of your website can prove quite important. You should always try to design your website in a manner so that it can attract most people. The best way to design your website is to hand this task to some professional. A good design can increase hits on your website by manifolds.

Now you will need a Ecommerce web hosting merchant account. You can easily make out from the term that it is some type of account. But what type of account is it and what is its need The answer to former question is that since you are carrying out transaction online so you will also need some kind of account to process the transactions. Since to buy products or services you will need to pay but you cant pay through currency online. So the payment will be made through credit cards. Merchant account will keep track of all these transactions. But keeping credit card information is quite a risky affair since if anybody get hold of that information, it can be misused quite easily. So the computer, typically known as server, on which the merchant account is maintained, should be highly secured from intrusions.

Credit card processing is not the only way through which you can pay online. Merchant account is meant only for credit card processing. So then why do you need it The answer to this question is quite straight forward. It has been found that accepting credit cards can increase your sales up to 400%. So do you need anything more than this. If this is not enough then you will be surprised to know that, of all the payments made online, around 87% are made through credit cards. So it is quite clear that if you want to stay in the hunt, you got to provide with the facility of credit card processing for which you need to have a merchant account.

Even merchant account has many features. To provide customers with high security level a secure, encrypted, SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Payment Gateway is provided that will allow you to accept credit cards over the internet and that too in the real time. Some merchant accounts also provide you with a facility known as Linkpoint Virtual Terminal. This facility is used for processing offline credit card orders. There are not many companies in the credit card manufacturing process. The ones that are into this business are MasterCard, VISA, American Express and Discover. The merchant account can usually handle all these credit cards. You have full authority of transferring funds in any of your checking account.

The company who manages your merchant account not only provides you

with all the details of transactions but also manages your account. You can get the report as and when needed. The good news for you is that the merchant account is usually provided free of cost by the company. You do not have to pay anything as application or setup fee. There is even no maintenance or annual charges. These accounts are fully computerized so you do not have to deal with any paper work, resulting in efficiency and less work load. You can also trace your online transactions, helping you in understanding the market trends. The overall effect of this will be that you will be able to make plans to improve your business.

You are also provided with a free shopping cart with every merchant account. The screening and security of the account is also absolutely free of cost. You will also get free 24 hours technical support so that you do not get stuck at any point of time. The cost of the ecommerce web hosting varies from company to company mainly depending on the number of features provided by them. So you have to choose the one satisfying your needs.

Ecommerce web hosting merchant account can either be opened with the company which you provide you with the ecommerce web hosting or also with some banks that have this feature. Before opening an account you should first compare the services provided by both the alternatives and should choose the one which offers you more benefits.

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