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Payroll service

Payroll is one of a number of bookkeeping and accounting transactions related to the payment of employees for services rendered. The process of paying employees for services they have provided is known as Payroll Service Accounting.

Some small businesses manage their Payroll Service processes on their own; however, due of the complex nature of the calculations required many companies outsource their payroll and bookkeeping services. Small business owners may prefer a cost effective, low hassle way of paying their employees; larger organizations benefit from integration with in-house systems and detailed accounting journal reports. Payroll outsourcing has become a very common method used by small and medium sized businesses that do not want to be involved in the hassle of running their own payroll.

There are wide varieties of methods to submit ones payroll including phone, fax, email, direct deposit, online and remote solutions. Such methods reduce the hours spent processing payroll in-house. Online payroll services surpass the advantages of traditional service bureaus and in-office systems by eliminating payroll hassles and maximizing convenience. Some online payroll services have efficient softwares, timely E-filing facility.

Payroll companies serve representing a broad spectrum of industries including manufacturing, hotels, restaurants, professional offices and more. Irrespective of the company headcount, companies even offer custom-made payroll package to meet individual requirements. Companies specializing in Payroll Service provide Bookkeeping, Accounting, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Personal Bill Paying and Income Tax Filing for Corporations, Partnerships, Sole Proprietorships, Individuals, Estates, Trusts and Non Profit Organizations.

SurePayroll provides online payroll processing. They focus exclusively on small business payroll solutions, and we provide a suitable way to process payroll and file taxes.

Key Payroll Online is a convenient, online solution to manage payroll, tax benefits and human resource needs. It also offers web-based customer support, online reporting, time and attendance, employee self-service and general ledger integration capabilities.

Trace Employer Services, an ISO 9002 certified organization has been a specialist provider of outsourced payroll services for over 30 years. It provides a full range of outsourced payroll solutions from fully managed payroll services to payroll bureau services. They also customize services to meet each organizations specific needs and are constantly assessed, adjusted and upgraded to keep pace with the changing environment.

Our payroll processing services collect company's payroll data, accurately process the data submitted, and timely deliver paychecks, along with customized management reports.

Payroll Services offered by companies include the following-

*** Getting Started Checklist provides all the required information for processing online payroll

*** Easily downloadable Payroll and Employment Forms

*** Processing and Reporting Guidelines make one understand the deadlines for processing payroll on time, value-added products and financial services.

*** Weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly or monthly payroll processing with guaranteed accuracy

*** Payroll checks and/or Direct Deposits

*** Helpful tips on maintaining tax compliance and managing your business

*** All State and Federal Quarterly reports

*** All State and Federal Annual reports

*** Tax and Industry Resources Tax and industry resources to help you manage your tax filing requirements and ensuring all tax obligations are fulfilled on time

*** Providing detailed management reports

*** New Hire reporting

*** Child support deductions and payments

*** Retirement plan deductions and payments

*** Book keeping services also available

*** Paying your employees via a printed business check or through direct deposit. Employees can distribute pay to as many as four accounts using direct deposit.

*** Toll-free customer support - Service Center that researches and responds to any inquiries from tax authorities

Key Benefits of Payroll services include -

*** Reduced costs by removing the need to maintain expensive equipment or software.

*** Help you to release your staff to other duties, by saving valuable management time.

*** Fee based on the size of your payroll

*** No software to install and maintain

*** Minimize your administrative overheads and responsibilities

*** Specialist technical support and payroll knowledge.

*** Ensuring you meet the requirements of legislative change.

*** Releases staff to perform activities, which add value to your business

Some of the disadvantages include Perceived loss of control i.e. Changes in your payroll must be communicated to your service provider and less flexibility in how payroll is produced and how reports are generated, especially for those companies with complex accounting requirements

According to UK tax regulations, there are severe penalties for improper or inadequate collection of payroll taxes and payment of wages. These penalties include high fines and can also result in imprisonment. But Payroll Service companies today offer the best of both the worlds, the convenience and autonomy of online payroll processing, and the personal attention one will receive from knowledgeable account representatives and customer care professionals. Their highly qualified and experienced team of payroll specialists provides first class payroll service and understands the customes requirements. They save money, ensure you stay on the right side of the law and provide you with required reports.

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