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Chartered Financial Analyst:

Individuals in the financial services industry may choose to complete the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) examination. The CFA program focuses on fundamental knowledge of investment principles. There are three levels of examinations that individuals must successfully complete to earn the Chartered Financial Analyst title.

Jobs for Finance and Economics Major


Bank Examiner

Bank Manager

Cash Management Analyst

Commercial Loan Officer

Credit Analyst/Manager

Financial Analyst

Financial Planner

Certified Financial Analyst

Junior Financial Career

Insurance Broker

Investment Banker

Land Developer

Loan Officer

Management Consultant

Market Analyst

Money Manager

Mortgage Officer

Portfolio Manager

Real Estate Analyst

Real Estate Broker

Risk Manager

Securities Analyst




Treasury Officer

Trust Administrator

Jobs for Freashers:

Bank Teller

Estate Planning Assistant

Back office Bank Administrator

Client Services

Loan Officer

Call Center operators

Trust Officer

Underwriting assistant

Job Ourlook:

Finance, Real Estate and International Business are exciting careers. The reasons for finance career popularity are many but most revolve around job opportunities. There are many different job opportunities for finance majors, especially since we have such a variety of concentrations available. Finance trained people frequently find themselves in careers that provide a wide variety of activities, significant responsibility and tremendous opportunities to interact professionally with other people.

A financial analyst career is often considered one of the best training grounds for advancement to the top level of corporations. This is especially true in today's world where corporations are trying to control cost while expanding opportunities. If you work part-time, try to find jobs that will enhance your understanding of your chosen field.

The financial industry is cyclical in nature, depending on the health of the economy. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the current growth in the economy equates to a faster than average growth in financial management positions through the year 2008. The banking sector may reduce staffing, but the securities and commodities industry will have a greater need to hire individuals in this field. Employment trends in insurance and real estate are predicted to remain steady through the year 2008.

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