Financial aid status

Financial aid is a complex process which includes several phases and involves so many departments association. Once you submit the financial aid Application it takes some to time to review the Application Form. The students can check the status of the financial aid as per the college requirements. The applicants can check after the one week of submission, if they used a PIN to sign their application or after the 2-3 weeks of submission, if the signed and printed page is mailed to the applicant.


The main uses of financial aid are:


* To review the financial aid process


* To check your financial aid award amounts


* To Accept/Decline your award amounts


* To review your bills


The status checking methods for different financial aid process are:


1. Free Application for Federal Student aid (FAFSA)


After the submission of FASFA, the college will receive information electronically and notify the applicant for the further process of financial aid. If a student does not receive any notification within four weeks FASFA submission, please contact financial aid Office.


2. Incomplete Application form status


The College will alert, if they find any incomplete application forms.


3. Award Letter/Award Summary


The student will be awarded with the financial aid Package, once the file is completed the review process. Then the college will send an official award letter by explaining the financial aid package eligibility criteria. The acceptance of award letter does not require any reply.


4. Loan status


The completion of Student aid Loan Application asks to file lender of choice. Once the enrollment is completed, the file will be transferred to the guarantee agency for approval. After the guarantee agency approves, the applicants will be informed complete the e-signature process via online.


5. Disbursement Hold


You can find the details of loan disbursements status by clicking the disbursement page.


6. Payment of Tuition and Fees


If the issued award amount is sufficient to pay the tuition and fees, then the bill will be paid. Other wise, the student need to bear the remaining balance from his/her own expenses before the deadline. Otherwise, the student will be intimated through e-mails.


7. Disbursement of Funds


After completing the all disbursement formalities only the students will receive the funds


The students can check their financial aid status with following options:


* financial aid status by term


The financial aid Web form displays the latest financial aid status and displays the drop-down list box. After clicking the submit tab it displays another web form of financial aid Information.


* My Documents


My Documents page displays a list of documents, which needs to file at the time of financial aid Application.


o Missing and incomplete documents: This option displays the missing and incomplete documents.The check status column will display the status by with the text message.


o Waived documents: It displays the message of the required documents which are not submitted by the applicants.


o Received documents: It displays the received documents, and the date on which documents received. And also displays the due date column, which expect to receive the document.


* financial aid Handbook


Download a financial aid Handbook to View financial aid Polices and Procedures that financial aid Recipients must know.


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