Financial aid counselor

Financial Aid requires proper counseling to students and their parents in regard to the financial Aid process. This counseling is provided by the counselors, who works in higher education and performs multi tasks to receive the students Financial Aid funding in a timely manner. Students can find Financial Aid information through online but counselors provides genuine off line information.


Financial Aid Counselors are mainly responsible for counseling students, assisting them in Financial Aid Paperwork, verifying their documents, determining eligibility, reviewing files and preparing award letters. Financial Aid Counselors also explains about the various Financial Aid Programmes of federal, state, and institutional programs. These counselors works at Financial Aid Office in customer service, policies and procedures with a team of Financial Aid Professionals. Financial Aid Counselors are responsible for providing reasonable treatment to all the Financial Aid Applicants and delivers financial assistance in a reliable, effective way as per government, institution and department rules and regulations.


Students are requested to take prior appointment of counselors at college campus or attend workshops organized by the Counselors to help Financial Aid Applicants. You can take advice of a counselor in filling and submitting FASFA. They will help also you in estimating the Cost of Attendance, which includes tuition, room and board, books, fees and more. If the Eligible amount of Financial Aid is not enough to pay the Cost of Attendance, then they will advise to go for Private Loans. Financial Aid Counselors help the students with examining their academic record in determining the Financial Aid Award eligibility. Be informing about the changes in family condition and address change to calculate the Expected Family Contribution.


Counselors coordinates with the director with timely and accurate documentation, information and status reports regarding all applicable phases of the financial aid operation, in accordance with reporting requirements established by the various funding sources.. Financial aid counselors assist the students in the preparation of all federal and state reports relating to Financial Aid. They also communicate with other departments to support the students in integrating and managing Financial Aid Funds. Financial Aid Counselors participate in workshops and seminars to explore and enhance their knowledge.


The basic requirements of a Financial Aid Counselor are:


1. Minimum Bachelor's Degree is required.


2. Basic knowledge of federal and state programs and regulations, eligibility criteria and need analysis formulae.


3. Should be comfort with multi-tasking roles and be able to process high volumes of work with accuracy.


4. Should be familiar with computer and able to use financial aid database management software effectively.


5. A strong commitment to customer service and have experience in working with a different population.


8. Should have excellent verbal and written communication skills and must work in Flexible hours.


Tips for Dealing with a Financial Aid Counselor:


* Know the Financial Aid Application deadline and meet the counselor later.


* Keep available all the necessary documents to complete FA application forms


* Check with the Financial aid office whether your file is completed or not.


* Be on time for appointments and inform the counselor if you cancel an appointment.


* Keep inform the Financial Aid Office about outside scholarships, if you have received


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