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Finance is supposed to be known as the country’s lifeline. Thus, without a strong financial structure, no country can ever progress. Similarly, it goes with any organization can ever progress without a sound financial structure. Thus, being very important for a company to have a strong and well equipped financial structure. No matter what you may want to do, you need finance. Therefore, finance has become one of the most important aspects of life.

There are various kinds of finance jobs. Moreover, there are various levels of finance related jobs. Depending on one’s aptitude, one should choose the kind of job he wants to do. For anyone to have a liking towards finance in general means that he should have a keen interest in business awareness, logical reasoning, trade, economics and calculations.

One can either go for higher level Finance jobs like Finance Managers, whose main aim is to manage men working under him in such a manner that in the given constraints, he can make them deliver only the best solutions possible. Such is the art of a finance manager; he has to make sure that he finds the optimal solution of a problem.

Moreover one can also go for Analysts job. In case of Chartered Financial Analysts, one is given a situation, which one has to analyze carefully and thoroughly and then provide the best possible solutions available to the person for them. They might have to analyze the credit rating of accompany, to a stock exchange trend to a grave situation as the economic policies of a country. Such people are equipped to tell you the pros and cons of any situation and they also tell you the possible way out for them. Moreover, you can also go for the lower end Finance jobs like making journal entries, posting ledger entries, preparing the cash book. Maintaining the books of accounts, preparing the final accounts, balancing the balance sheets and so on.

The work involved in this stage is more of theoretical and involves a lot of manual work. However thanks to the advance technology, nowadays one can easily maintain accounts on specially built soft wares, where you would just need to feed in the journal entries, which are the basic entries and then the computer does the rest of the postings .You just need to make sure that the software is installed properly an do then is command the software to do all your work.


Another famous Finance jobs is Auditing. Auditors are the people who conduct audit of various companies. There are various kinds of companies like private limited company, partnership firm and so on. It is the work of the auditor to see whether the company is properly functioning or not. Whether they are maintaining the stipulated books of accounts or not, if they are depicting the true and fair financial condition of the company or not. Sometimes the companies try to depict that they are incurring losses ( by window dressing the balance sheet ) while in reality they are incurring profits. All these are done to evade taxes. Therefore, it is the work of the auditor to make sure that no matter what happens the company depicts its true and fair situation and not camouflage it. Moreover, they even have to audit or in other words check whether the company is working on the lines it had initially proposed to work on. Once an auditor completes his auditing, he prepares an audit report stating his observations which have to be shown to all the members of the company. In case, if the auditor doubts any kind of illegal posting or activity and comments on his audit report, then the company might have to face a lot of trouble.

Therefore, A Big Thanks to the advance in the financial sector, more and more people are getting attracted towards finance jobs. There are loots of jobs available in the banking sector, insurance sector, mutual funds sector and so on. Finance is such a huge subject that everything comes under it. Everything from share markets, to companies to trusts everything depends on finance. Nowadays more and more people are realizing the avenues of the financial sector. Thus, more and more people are getting attracted to the financial jobs available in the market. Moreover they are getting aware of the various ways in which they can do the job.

Finance is there in every single thing we see. It might be directly related or indirectly linked. Whatever the case might be, finance is important for everyone and there are loads of important and lucrative financial jobs for many to avail.

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