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As the name suggests the site is all about and for the buyers and suppliers. It is at your service to fulfill all your business needs with its business related products and services. If you are planning to set up office or business the site help you in all its special ways. Various local and national suppliers gather at you service to serve you in the best possible way only on one request on the site by you. It is one of the leading online market place for business purchasing.

What it is all about?

The site is wonderful and very informative. It connects the active buyers with the national and local suppliers. Buyer zone acts as a medium between the potential buyers and appropriate suppliers. It is the linking point of both the parties.

How they go about linking the two?

The method is very simple and easy to understand. The site makes it so simple and easy to understand that even a layman can understand it and so is not at all difficult for the businessmen of big or small businesses. The Site offers you the various categories and sub categories. On clicking on the categories you get the different sub categories from sub categories you have to select your requirement and now appears in front of you a web page with a prepared objective

type questionnaire asking about the kind of requirements you have with various suitable options for you to choose from. The questions are all in a way answering your requirement for the kind of product or service you are looking for. It asks you all about the kind of budget you have to spend on the product and services and other related questions. At the end you are provided a blank space to add something, which you think, has not been asked through the question but is your essential requirement. Now after filling it and mentioning all your requirements you submit it on the site. Now the suppliers look at your requirements and quote you a deal or offer that suitable as per your requirements and fits in your budget.

Special on the site

The site has all the possible listings for the various products and services. These are listed as major categories, and then divided further under various sub categories. It has all that you might require for start up an office or business.

The site covers your financial need to furniture needs. To start up a business you need a good finance back up so for this you can select from the options like business loans, collections, factoring, franchises etc.

Furniture for your new set-up is as important as to run a business smooth and for that you can have options for cupboards, cubicles to chairs, desks etc.

Other major categories taken care by the site are office products, HR, Retail, software etc.

About the registration

In various sites its difficult to access the services and products until and unless you are a member of the site. You can only avail the various services after registering yourself with them. But so is not the case with the you can access the services as you visit the site. There is a login-option but only for the suppliers as they need to register them selves with the sites at nominal price to get connected to the buyers which eventually help in growth of their business. The pricing is done on the per lead basis. They have to pay as per the leads they want to get.

Benefits for the Buyers

Being a buyer you get various benefits from the site

Free access? The site gives a free-request to quote option to the buyers.

Convenient? The buyers don?t have to look for the best suppliers of products and services. The buyers just have to fill in their requirements budget on the site and the suppliers themselves quote them with suitable offers and deals.

Saves time and money ? The precious time is saved. On just filling one-request buyers receive various quotes and then they can make their own choice.

Competitive prices quotes ? The buyer get competitive price quotes for their important purchasing decisions. Apart from all this they also get access to expert purchasing advice that to fast and free.

Benefits for the Suppliers

Being a supplier at is all the same a beneficial deal

Saves time ? The site saves time of the suppliers buy giving them potential buyers at the click of a key of the keyboard.

Get good leads ? they get a lead to the customer / buyer with their product requirement specifications and contact information which help them preparing a best deal for them and making them a customer for lifelong.

Good and growing business ? Good leads and that to of a good number that eventually helps the suppliers in growing their business.

Apart from this

Apart from these wonderful services what you get is the potential purchasing advice. Once you visit the site you get to see that what all-different services you can avail for a smooth and fast pace growing business.

Moving zone

One of the attraction of the buyer zone is the office moving zone this zone is for those who are planning to move their office from one location to another. Form one business to other or starting a whole new setup.

Here this page provides you with all the essentials to be kept in mind when you plan to move your office. They give you a perfect guiding of how to plan it and again an easy access to the various movers services for smooth and complete moving. You can also seek a professional advice on your office move from the professionals round the globe.

All you have to do is post you question and it is answered.

So now if you are in a business and looking for any kind of updating of products and services you know how to go about it. is indeed a comfort zone when it comes to services and products for a business purchasing.

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