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seems that it is very easy to make money is home based business. You dont have to pay any rent; you even dont have to salary to any employees because you are alone running the show. But as and when your business grows it becomes difficult to handle the situation. There will be so many customers to answer, phone are ringing but you dont have time to answer them, your billing is pending, and you have to ship the goods to many customers. In this under this situation you will try to hire a people to help you in your business, but doing this your profit margin will be badly affected as you will have to pay a salary to your employee.

There are many ways to take your home based business to new heights without affecting your profitability.

One of the ways to run your home based business smoothly is to concentrate on single product or service. If you have only one product it becomes very easy to cope up with work load and you can handle all the work efficiently. In the beginning you select only one product, market it, sell it, and promote it everything you can to it to increase the sales of that one product or service

Once you are success with one product or service, and then expand your product line to offer complimentary product or service. You should never miss the opportunity to bring out related items to diversify your product line. This will give your customer a wider selection.

Always try to increase your sales to existing customers. You can increase your profit margin by increasing your sales to existing customers. One of the easy way to do this is to offer discount if the customer buys the big quantity. Suppose you are selling pens, then you can offer to buy two pens at the cost of one pen. Another way is to offer them free items. Suppose they are buying 10 items then you can offer one item free. These practices are common in big departmental stores, but you can use it for home base business also.

When your business increases, and you feel that you can not handle the day to day operation smoothly

then think of hiring of an employee, a freelancer or an independent contractor to help you operate your business more efficiently. When someone assists you in your business it will give you the feeling that you are not going alone. You will not feel lonely in doing your business.

Another way to increase your business is to create a Web site to advertise your company or sell product online. With the help of internet you dont have to reach retail customer. You can easily sell a product like books, garments, etc. A web based store allows you to reach millions of customers around the world. There are many web sites are now available to develop a web site. Company will help you register your domain name (Web address) and also they will provide different design to select from to develop your web site. They will also host your web page on their server and provide you with multiple e-mail addresses.

Another way of marketing your company is by joining the related industry. This is the cheapest and easiest way to promote your business.

Expanding your business. You should never satisfy with the development of your business. Always plan to expand and diversify your business.

You should try to increase the list of customers. If you are selling your product or services to teens, start marketing to college students also. Suppose a home based catering business that specializes in cakes or other tasty desserts can contact local bakeries to supply its goods on a whole sale basis. Because when you but on a wholesale basis you always get a better price and you can sell at higher price, in this way you can increase your profit margin.

New ways of marketing home based business: You should be always in search of different ways of marketing your business through e-mail newsletters. Marketing your home based business; you dont have to spend huge money in advertising your product in Newspaper ads, TV or radio. There are many chamber of commerce and community groups who are happy to provide a forum to local business owners who are willing to share his expertise without charging any fees. With the help of internet you can send newsletter via e-mail using online templates and automated delivery systems.

If you are very much serious expanding your business then you can also try to open office in another location. This you can to it by renting virtual office space in a business centre or by sharing office space with another growing business. Business centre offers all facilities like conference rooms, receptionist services, remote-access voice mail, high-speed internet connectivity and tech support. For these types of services they are charging monthly fees. With the help of all these facilities you will get chance to pursue new business opportunities and network with other professionals.

Most of the home based business remains small, yours may have potential to expand in a big way, and you can do this through franchising, licensing or whole sale distribution.

In a home based business you should always try to expand, diversify your business, and try to adopt a unique way of marketing your product. With the help of all these strategies you will not only run your home based business smoothly but also successfully.

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