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Financial Assistance for Minority People:

Whenever we talk of the people, we always speak of the rich people and middle class people. We never think of the poor people. In most of the countries, there are many millions of poor people. The rich people lead a royal life and it is not necessary for others to help them. The middle class people also can manage their financial problems without any difficulties. But it is entirely different with the poor people. For the poor people it would be a world altogether.

They have to struggle for their daily food. In the case of minority people, they even cant think of saving money for the next day. They never eat sufficiently. They never dress properly and they have never traveled in cars.

But, they never care of all these facts. Their only aim is work very hard for their daily survival. But they do things up to their satisfactions. They never spend sleepless nights, since they do not have to worry about their future plans. In fact, they never plan anything even for the next day. In this way they live.

By nature, the gents are stronger than the ladies. They can work hard and earn money. It would not be a highly difficult task for them to work and earn money for his family. They can undertake the difficult jobs, whatever they have to. Cutting trees and transport them to other places, is really a difficult job. But they do it with smiles. When they start to work in the morning, their mind would be enjoying of the night, when they would be having the daily payment. Transporting heavy goods is also a difficult job for others. But, as for as the poor minority people are concerned, it is an easy job. Simply they finish the job quickly. In general, the rich people dont have to work so hard and because of this, the health of them does not permit them to work hard. Only minority people work hard for them and for their owners.

Since we are living together with all the people in the society, we have to consider the poor people also. We have to help them in whichever way we can.

We should be kind with them and we have to be generous with them. Everywhere in the world, the governments are also working hard about the possibilities of helping them. But it would not be enough for them. To improve their financial position, we have to cooperate with them substantially with our body and mind. In the family of these poor minority people, all the men would work hard and at the same time, it would not be possible for the ladies to work that much. They can not go out for their jobs. They have to have a job in the home itself. Unless both of them work, it would not be sufficient for them to live, at least for the food and shelter.

The government is helping them to the maximum extent. They arrange loan for the women of the minority society to do a small business. They can do small business without any difficulties. The only problem they face is the money. Though they are very poor, they are very intelligent and they can earn more than others. Since they are not educated well, it would not be possible for them to make the project proposals even, which is required to sanction the amount. We can help them to finish all the formalities and arrange to get loan from the government. There are many world organizations which are helping the poor without any expectations from the poor people. They grant the entire needed amount without any assurance from them and even they dont have to pay back that amount. Of course, many banks are also involved in these projects and they help very much. The banks which provide such financial help do not charge the interest. Some banks even ask them to repay the loan amount whenever it is possible for them. If they happen to loose the money in the business, they treat that loan as a bad credit and never ask again to repay it. Sometimes, they return up to fifty percent of the loan amount to them to develop their business further. Most of the minority people live in the streets and forests. They do not have proper shelters for them to live. The governments and many volunteer organizations build homes for them. When they construct homes, it would not be possible for the government to provide them independent homes for them. They construct a very big home and ask the poor minority people and stay there. They arrange food for them daily. But it takes a lot of money for the government to provide them these facilities to the minority people. In all countries, there are some relief fund systems. For example, President Relief Fund, Prime Minister Relief Fund and others.

We can help these poor people indirectly by sending our money to these funds. The governments would be pleased to accept these funds, since they can use the money for the betterment of the minority people. It is the same everywhere in the world. In many countries, the governments give concessions to the persons who send money to these funds by way of reducing the percentage of income taxes. They do this just to encourage the people to make them contribute them. When you are paying your tax to the government, it goes to the tax department. But when you pay the same money to these relief funds, it goes directly to the funds which have been allotted for this purpose, exclusively.

Unless we work together to help the minority poor people, it would not be possible for them to lead a normal life. We have to consider them as our family members. If we start to work today in this way, slowly but surely there would be no poor minority people in the world.

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