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Rifle Stocks

A rifle is a firearm with a stock and a barrel. The barrel has a spiral groove or grooves cut inside its interior. The word rifle is derived from the grooving of the barrel of the gun.

The stock refers to the rear wooden, metal, or plastic handle or support of a rifle, pistol, or automatic weapon, to which the barrel and mechanism are attached. It is basically the handle of handgun or the butt end of a rifle or shotgun. It could also be part of a machine gun or artillery gun. In case of a pistol a stock refers to the grip of the pistol. All stocks of firearms particularly rifles are basic to the weapon. No rifle could be without a stock.

The stock of the rifle has a basic purpose. Firstly it is the piece that holds the barrel and trigger mechanism together. Secondly it is so made with a hollow at the end that it snugly fits into the shoulder of the user. This cushions the recoil of the rifle and gives stability to the weapon.

Typically when a bullet is fired it is propelled forward through the barrel by the trigger mechanism there is resultant kickback. This is based on Newtons third law of motion which states that action and reaction are opposite and follow each other. The stock of the rifle thus takes the reaction of the forward motion of the bullet.

In America there is a great love for guns and weapons particularly rifles.

This fascination for guns and rifles dates to many centuries back when the Wild West was a potent chapter in American History. Early settlers used rifles for hunting and self defense against wild animals and rogue Red Indian tribes. These days rifles are still used and bought in great numbers for sport, target shooting and seldfdefense.All guns and their promotion and civil control is looked after by the National Rifle association or NRA as it is popularly called. The National Rifle Association, or NRA, is a non-profit group for the promotion of marksmanship, firearm safety, and the protection of hunting and personal protection firearm rights in the United States, established in New York in 1871

The NRA sponsors firearm safety training courses. It also holds marksmanship events featuring shooting skills and sports. The NRA is the single most powerful non-profit organization in the United States. Because of the NRA gun ownership is regarded as a civil liberty which is protected the Second Amendment of the Bill of Rights.

Currently, rifles are the most common firearm used for hunting with the exception of bird shooting where shotguns are the preferred wweapons.Rifles are also commonly used for competitions and are an important constituent of Olympic games.. Military style rifles in semi-automatic (see AR-15) form have become very popular in the United States and are now used for hunting all sizes of game due to various calibers becoming available. Stocks of all these weapons can be tailor made to suit your tastes .Many stocks come with intricate designs and carvings to give your weapons a personal touch. Stocks are also custom made to suit your physical characteristics and personal taste. There are a many companies that sell and market stocks for rifles. Some of the prominent ones are Bell and Carson, Mcmilan stocks, Borden rifles and Remington rifle stock. You can also order stock on the net by bidding on eBay and Whether its for an once-in-a-lifetime hunt or for a lifetime of hard hunting a stock of a rifle is a vital part of your weapon.

Bell and Carlson who are the leaders supply stocks for Carbelite Rifle, Thumbhole Rifle and Two Piece Rifle Stock.

They also supply Fiberglass rifle stock, composite rifle stock and carbon fiber rifle stocks. All these materials have replaced wood which however remains the principal material used for rifle stock.

Stocks are also available in wide variety of colors that include Black Rifle Stocks and various Camouflage rifle stocks. Stocks can also be bought for Remington rifle, Savage rifle stocks and the Winchester rifle. Whether you use your gun for Deer Hunting, Elk Hunting, Varmint Hunting, Sheep Hunting, Bear Hunting, or just use it for Target Shooting you cant but rely on your rifle stock for a satisfactory end result.

Most of the manufacturers of Gun stock will manufacture the stock according to your preference. Upon ordering, all you have to do is indicate the Stock Style, Wood Type, and Action Inlet, and the stock will be prepared accordingly.

However there is no requirement to send your rifle to the manufacture for fitting the stock. In any case most manufacturers of rifle stocks do not have gun smith for services. You will be better off in case you order the stock and fit it your self.

On receipt of the stock for your rifle all you may have to do is sanding and finishing. For this you can use 100 grit sandpaper and working your way up to 400 to 600 grit prior to finishing. The time required for this depends on the type of finish that you desire and really depends upon your abilities. The stock can be finished with your choice of oil, urethane, or other finishing compound you prefer. There are various sites on the internet that cater to finishing a stock and these sites also can give you additional information. For further work on the stock a small chisel, wood rasp, and sandpaper is all that is needed. Now you are ready with the stock of your rifle. Have a happy hunting trip.

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