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Share Builder, the easy way of investment.

Now a day, it is found that the rate of bank interest is gradually decreasing. With the diminishing tendency of decreasing the bank interest rate on fixed deposit, the people are searching to invest their money in such a place or institution in such a manner so that they may

earn a good return. To solve the requirement of the people the most important and most promising place of investment is the Stock market. By making investment in the stock market, people may earn a high income, so that they easily can maintain high profile life style. Share builder is such a name, which brings the scope to the people for investing money in stock market in the easiest way.

Share builder is a system by which a man can invest money in the stock market without facing any hazards. It is a common knowledge today that to get high return or profit, the most important and reliable place is the stock market. To get a success in each and every aspect of life, the most important thing is to make a proper planning. As it known to us that proper plan leads to success so in the case of investment in stock market. Share builder gives the opportunity to the investor to choose the proper plan, which will be correctly fits to him. In broadly speaking, there are two ways of investment plans in share builder, e.g. automatic investment plan and the other is real time investment plan.

Keeping in view of the necessity of the people, share builder created the automatic investment plan by which a pre-specified amount of investment would be done at a regular interval i.e. as per the investor's pre-mentioned date and time. The most important merits of this automatic investment plan are that the investor does not take any headache for doing investment regularly.

The investors just have to mention how much amount of money, he wish to invest and in which manner, which is on daily or weekly or monthly, as he likes. After these instructions are given to the share builder, it automatically invest money in the stock market and the investor will gradually accumulate shares in his account, and when he wish to get the money to his hand he just will give an instruction to the share builder which will then sells the specified share (as per investors instruction) immediately and deposit money to the investor's account. So one need not to take any extra hazard for earning money. One thing here must be mentioned that it is a common knowledge that the tendency of the people of each and every country of the whole world is now a day to invest money in stock market is continuously increasing, that is why the demand of blue cheeps share are gradually increasing so the values of these share also increasing. That is why investing money in the stock market may generate the good amount of profit.

Now let us discuss about the existing features of Share Builder. The most unique feature of Share builder is that it (Share Builder) makes the investment so easy as anybody who may be a beginner or an experienced, may easily can do invest in Stock market.

One can invest money using Automatic investment plan, which allow the investor to purchase stocks and accumulate shares huge profit. On the other hand, one can participate in real time trading which allow people to buy and sell shares during market hour. That is being a real time trader; one can purchase and sell stocks during the market hour only. That is I want to say that before starting investment in stock market one needs to fix up his own strategy and depending on his own strategy, one, may easily invest money in stock market with the help of share builder.

Before opening an account in share builder for doing investment in stock market, you must prepare a plan. That is if you are a retired person or your children are college student or whatever you are, share builder gives the flexibility to set up an investment account which will fits you the best. One may open an individual account or joint account. The most important one is the education savings account by which investment are being done to meet up the expenses of childrens education. You can also make investment to earn money and also to get tax deduction after retirement.

Now let us discuss about the process of purchasing stocks. By electronic fund transfer from a savings account, the fund may flow to the share builder account or simply by mailing a check to the share builder account, stock may be purchased.

There are two ways to buy stocks with share builder: -

By automatic investment plan- Buy stocks automatically in equivalent amount of Dollar following monthly, weekly or daily which have been mentioned during opening account.

Real time trades- you may make trades during the market hours. Your instruction will be followed within a moment and you can take decision at any time during market hours. So your complete freedom is there for investing money into the stock market through share builder.

Following the above discussion I think it is now very clear to the reader that if one wish to earn money the best way is to invest in stock market and share builder would be the best one which will take care of ones investment in stock market. One question now obviously will arise, before creating an account in share builder, which is that, is there any minimum amount of money to be investing in share builder. In other words how much amount must be invest in share builder My answer is any amount, which the investor likes, can invest in share builder. That is there is no minimum or maximum limitation for doing invest in stock market by share builder. Any account holder in share builder may invest even only four (4) dollar!

The prospect of investor having an account in share builder is that the experts and stock analysts of the share builder give free advices regarding investment in the stock market. So one getting such advices may invest money in the perfect shares and at the perfect time i.e. one can invest money in proper way so that he may earn maximum return from stock market.

So it is now clear to the reader that earning money is not difficult to the positive thinking people. And the people who makes a plan for earning some money then it is quite easy task to him as share builder is there which takes all kind of responsibility to give money to the people. So if you wish to dreams of a high profile life style and also wish to give some time to your family then the only way to achieve your goal is to create an account in share builder.

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