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What is a bubble bag

Bubble bags are ideal packaging bags that are characterized by their shock resistant nature. They are ideally meant to protect delicate, flimsy, brittle and fragile items from breakage, dirt, dust and moisture.


What are its features

They are flexible plastic sheets that are laminated or coated with regularly spaced small air pockets or air cells. These pockets or simply called bubbles are protruding air filled cellular hemispheres that are designed for cushioning materials or items. The sheets are then designed into pouches or bags for customized use and convenience. The Bubble bags may be present in the inside or the outside of the bag

It is also commonly referred to as bubble sheets, bubble wraps, bubble pouches. The generic name for this material is air cellular cushioning material.

What are the various types that are available

Bubble bags are available in a variety of designs based on the needs, convenience of usage and the size of the bubbles. The standard types usually available in the market are:

Reusable bubble bags: These bags are usually recurrently after its initial packing. They are generally manufactured with bubbles of varying sizes on the outside and smooth on the inside of the bag.

Ziplock or side seal bubble bags: This features a lock that seals the item from the outside environment. Thus it ensures protection of the packed item from moisture and dirt. They may also be available with an adhesive tape for self sealing.

Flush cut bubble pouches: These are open ended bubble bags that are usually used to pack and give protection to items of odd shapes and sizes.

Antistatic bubble bags: These Bubble bags are usually in a distinguishing pink color. Such bags have an anti-static plastic that disperses or dissipates the static charges. The static energy is usually damaging to the sensitive electronic chips.

Bubble bags may vary, depending upon the size of the bubble incorporated in the bubble sheet. Based on this

parameter, the bubbles may vary from as small as inch to as large as more than an inch. This is in turn dependent on the size of the material to be packed and the amount of extra cushioning protection it needs.

What are the uses of a bubble bag

One of the primary uses of bubble wrap sheets or Bubble bags are its uses as a comprehensive and complete packing material.

It ensures protection of all fragile and handle with care products. It has been most ideal for packing ceramics, chinaware, picture frames, electronic equipments, ornaments, porcelain statutes, antique pieces, etc. In a nut shell it could pack just about anything that needs to be transported safely across distances.

Another amusing use of the bubble bags are the sheets are generally used as an object in stress relieving activity. Its a physical method for distracting the mind from highly tensed circumstances. There are instances where the people just pop the bubbles for fun or pop their way in competitions and games.


Bubble bags are said to be a fast track to packing. Thus the bags are convenient packing material to be used even by a layman who has no expertise in packing. The other advantage is that they are transparent sheets and its see through property helps to unpack with care and attention.

When used as an amusement, the activity is highly addictive amongst the young and the old alike. People enjoy popping plastic bubbles and listening to the pop sound that it makes. "Virtual bubble wrap" websites have cropped up to satisfy the amusement of such desires.