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Bag, as we all know is an object that is used to carry any thing. Since it is impossible to hold all the things, we have to use a medium through which we can take one thing from its one place to another. That medium is the bag. It is worth to say that utility of a bat bags is immense. We can hardly think of carrying any thing without a bag. One finds many bags that are specially made to carry a certain object. Its dimensions are definitely according to the object it has to carry. Some of the examples of such bags are guitar bag, racket bag, bat bag, camera bag etc. We shall limit our discussion to bat bag only.


The bat bags are used to carry the bats used in the game of base ball and cricket. These bags definitely gives protection to the bats while the player is traveling from one place to another and also when it is placed at home, stadium or any other place. The bag protects the bats from various types of possible harms. The bat placed in the bag is protected from various types of scratches that can ruin its fine upper surface, which is finely polished with special kind of substances and chemicals to increase its life and to increase its performance. The bag also protects the bat from other various acts like protecting it from pets at home, or small babies who can destroy its fine surface by scratching them or pouring some liquid over the bat or even making it fall from a height. All these instances can definitely bring harm to the bats if it is not in the bat bag.

Everyone wants that his or her belongings should look as new forever. The baseball and cricket players have huge passion about their bags. It is observed that they always want that their bags should look as new. Thus, if one wants that the bat always looks as a new one, it is necessary that the bats should always kept in the bat bags when not in use.

The bat bags are usually colorful so that it looks great when the player carries them. They usually carry the picture or logo of the brand of which it is manufactured. The size and shape of the bag is precisely as that of the bat so that it completely fits in the bag. As these bags are made as per international standards, the bat bag manufacturing companies are well aware of the various sizes and shapes of the brands manufactured by the various companies.

The material used in manufacturing the bat bags is usually nylon, though the bags of plastic are also there in the market. Different strengths of nylon are used to manufacture the various types of bags. The prices of the bags are set accordingly to the strength of the nylon used in manufacturing it. The plastic bags are cheaper than the nylon bags but they does not look that good as nylon bags look. Generally there are two layers in the wall of a bat bag. The outer surface is generally thick and hard so as to protect it from various damages and the inner layer is cushioned, so that the bat does not get ruin by its continuous touch and wear and tear.

The price of the bag also depends upon its capacity as there are bags that can carry one bat at a time and also there are bags that carry two bags at a time. It is quite obvious that the bags that can carry two bats is costlier than the one that has capacity for one bat only.

The price of such bags also differs on the type of inner cushion it provides to the bats. The bag with thick lining of cushion is costlier than the one containing thin lining of cushion as it provides more shock absorbing power to the bag and hence provides more safety.

Usually, players like that bags that are easy to carry. That is, which has a comfortable broad strap that can run around the shoulders of the player, which has some elasticity in it so that it does not pain on the shoulders, and also it is cushioned so as to provide total comfort. The hooks attached to the straps are usually nicely colored or are steel hooks so as to provide a good look to the bag.

The bags also contain zips that provide more space to the players to put their other useful things in the bags. As has

been observed, the bags with all around zips are more liked than the bags having one or two zips, as they provide more space to be used.

There are also bags that have to be lifted while carrying. Such bags are usually not liked by the players, as they want the bags to be more stylish, the bags that can go well with their image.

The guarantee provided on the bags is quite limited. It is limited to the faulty manufacturing of its hooks or any defect in the material it is made of.


There are many companies that manufacture the bat bags. The manufacturer of the bats usually get the bat bags also manufactured from various companies, which carries the name and the logo of the bat manufacturer. The common brands of bat bags available in the market are Adidas, Nike, and Reebok. All these brands are well known for their quality and thats why they are comparatively costlier than the rest of the bat bags. The cost of the bags also varies. Generally the cost is around $9-$10 per bag.

The other brands of the bat bags available in the market especially in the United States are Ultimate, Allstar, Rawling RBATB bags etc.

The cost of the bat bags set by these manufacturers depends upon various parameters. The bags that are imported from other countries are definitely costlier as they include various types of duties in their prices and thats why the locally made bags are cheaper. Locally made bags have one advantage over the imported ones and that is the availability spares and the repairing centers.


It can be said after going through the above discussion that bat bags are very useful in carrying the bats as well as protecting them from many harms. There are many types of bags available in the market and a player can choose one according to his liking and the durability of the bat bags.