Car and insurance

Insurance today is a well-known concept. Every day we receive calls or hear or read about various new kinds of offers regarding insurance through an insurance agent, hoarding, television advertisements etc. Today everything can be insured. It can be house and house contents, office furniture, machinery, raw material, finished goods and many other endless things. These insurance coverage are meant to decrease partially or completely the expenditure that may occur due to loss or damage of goods, that can be either due to transit, fire break out, lost etc. Even human beings insurance is also made these days. That is in case of death arising out of accident, natural reasons, disease etc, than the relatives of the deceased can be given some financial assistance to continue with their lives.

Money management in life and search for value for money:

This is the age of money management. Every one today wants to manage his/her hard-earned money the best possible way, so that the maximum of the expenses can be covered. Also a person today tries to buy such things that give them proper value for money. That is, the bought thing should prove itself worth buying. Thus money management in life and search for value for money is the need of the hour, and one who does not cares for these concepts in life, will find himself/herself in debts one day. Making insurance of things in our household or else should also be included in the money management part. Therefore it becomes necessary for a person today to manage money in such ways that it covers the maximum of the desires and security of things. And along with that search for those items or goods for purchase which gives value for money, by giving to the person the maximum and required output as expected and their insurance guarantees our money back in case the things gets away due to any reason.

Value of insurance:

In some cases people dont feel the need of insurance. That is, after spending money on the purchase of the item, a person may find himself unable to buy insurance at that time. Some of us may not be willing to buy insurance due to the carelessness. In both the cases, by not buying the insurance for the new purchased item we are increasing the risk of hard-earned money going to dust.

Now taking an example here, you take a lot of time in buying a special car for you and your loved ones. You spend a big chunk of your hard-earned money on the purchase of this car. And than due to carelessness you dont care to buy insurance for your car. What will you do in case your car get stolen or damaged The answer will be NOTHING. Reason being, at the time of purchase you may have saved some dollars by not buying insurance for your car. But after the mishap you loose all the money, which you were saving from last so many months.

Car and you:

Many of us save a lot of money from our Income, thinking that one-day we will buy the car of our dreams. The car which will give value for money, by giving the maximum possible output as expected at the time of purchase. For this purpose we take a lot of time gathering information regarding various cars available in the market. We compare the mileage, power, capacity, and even prices. And one-day come to a conclusion of buying such a car whose claims suits our requirements at the best.

Insurance and you:

A person makes insurance of those items, which he/she feels that are important and which cannot be easily bought again. Such things are insured so that in case of lost, damage or stolen, the expenses required buying a similar product of same kind and range could be incurred easily with the help of the insurance company. Therefore insurance companies act as a helping hand at such times, by helping aiding us in buying the same product that may be stolen, lost or damaged.

Car insurance...A necessary step:

Car insurance is a necessary step, which must be taken by every single person. Reason being that no one knows future. No one can predict that will his/her car stay with through out the life or will get damaged or stolen or lost due to any reason. Now the question arises, does your car need insurance While making a questionnaire following common answers were received from the people. All the answers are reflecting the misperceptions or misunderstandings among the people. Therefore in the following the true story is also kept as according to the answers received from the people.

Answer 1: Car insurance is an unnecessary expenditure.

True story: If making car insurance is an unnecessary expenditure, then what will be called that expenditure, which is made in case the car gets damaged, stolen or lost due to any of the unavoidable reasons And the answer is that expenditure will be called Carelessness expenditure.

Answer 2: We can take care of our car by ourselves.

True story: No one can sleep or eat with the car. Everyone has to go to office or their work. And a person can take the car every where. So the time your car gets away from your sight due to your work or any other reason then at that time that will take care of your car

Answer 3: Car insurance does not give any return in the last.

True story: The car insurance may not give any return in the last, but does saves your longtime real amount that you have invested while purchasing the car. In case your car gets lost, stolen or damaged than at that time you get your longtime saved real amount.

Answer 4 Car insurance companies take a lot of time in giving the insured amounts and even ask so many questions.

True story: Car insurance companies take a lot of time in giving the insured amounts to avoid frauds. Their main motive behind those frauds is to fetch money from the company for their personal profits. Due to increase in such cases the insurance officials and agents are advised to confirm and reconfirm the insurance claims entitlement. Thus this reason forces them to ask several questions. But in the end, if your claim is true and fair, than you will get your insured amount in any case.


In conclusion, the insurance for car is really necessary today. As it acts as a helping hand and gives financial aid in case the car gets stolen, damaged or lost.

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