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Every time you get at the back the wheel of a car, you are accomplished of causing damage to other people\\'s possessions, and injuring or killing yourself, other drivers, passengers and pedestrians. As most populace don\\'t have the money to pay for the losses they might cause while driving, governments all through the urbanized world need drivers to carry a convinced amount of insurance ("legal responsibility") to cover any losses (property damage, injury, death) they might cause others to knowledge. Some governments, including those of every province and territory in Canada, also require drivers to carry exposure for their own medical expenses and loss of income resulting from driving-related injuries.

Canadian car insurance

About Canadian car insurance, Canadian drivers buy it for their cars to give fortification against losses incurred as a result of motor vehicle accidents, theft, vandalism, or some added event that produces damage, liability or injury where the motor vehicle is concerned.

Each Canadian has own minimum car insurance coverage. However, you can get options that go beyond the. One of the nice things about Canadian car insurance is you can your car insurance policy to ensure you've got the protection you need, without paying for extra insurance you may not.

In Canada, if you mean to drive a vehicle on public roads the motor vehicle must be protected under a car insurance policy with specified minimum compulsory coverage. It is the law in all territories and provinces and that why all Canadians need Canadian car insurance.

Your Canadian car insurance is valid anywhere in Canada, and for your travels into the United States. Its a good idea to carry whatever proof of insurance you are given at all times because you must produce it if a police officer asks for it, when you first register your automobile, and every year when you renew your license plate sticker. If you decide to drive into Mexico however, your Canadian car insurance policy won\\'t cover you or your automobile. You must arrange for insurance coverage separately when, and where, you enter Mexico.

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Drivers in Canada, aiming to learn some basics about car insurance in Canada, regularly go online and input Car Insurance Canada into their chosen search engine to see what comes up. As well as searching for information about car insurance in Canada, by keying in Car Insurance Canada many drivers are also aiming to find car insurance quotes.

Who needs car insurance If you plan on driving a car in Canada, the car must be covered under a car insurance policy with certain minimum obligatory coverage. What is car insurance An auto insurance policy is a promise, which for an agreed upon amount of time, an auto insurance company agrees to pay for another partys financial loss resulting from a specified covered event. The other party, usually the auto owner, who is seeking the insurance coverage, pays for this protection with an insurance premium. Insurers then use the premiums paid by all their auto insurance customers to pay for the financial losses of the few customers who find they have to make a claim because of a certain covered event.

Where do you need car insurance It is the law in all provinces and territories.

When do you need car insurance At no time can a driver operate a car on a public road that is not covered under an auto insurance policy.

Why do you need car insurance Again, it is the law in all provinces and territories. It's probably a good thing too, because car insurance provides financial protection against losses that are a consequence of car accidents, theft, vandalism, or some other event that causes damage, liability or injury where the car is involved.

Cooperators Insurance - One Of The Canadian Leading Insurance Companies

Canada is the second largest country in the world closely resembling today its neighbor United States with its affluent, high-tech industrial society, market oriented economy, pattern of production, and high living standards. Since 1989 the trade and economic integration of Canada with the United States have strongly increased after approving the U.S. Canada Free Trade Agreement and 1994 North America Free Trade agreements. Since then Canada enjoys stable economic development due to its great natural resources, skilled labor-force, and modern capital plants. The Canadian insurance industry is a major part of the social and economic activity of Canada.

The Canadian insurance market is represented by about 230 activity competing private property and casualty insurers, along with 27 providers of sickness, life and accident. The compulsory auto insurance is provided exclusively by government owned auto insurers in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and British Columbia. The bodily injury part of automobile insurance in Quebec is also provided by government-owned insurers.

Automobile insurance is the largest single class of general insurance in Canada. Total premiums for auto insurance exceed all other classes combined, next ranks property insurance, followed by liability insurance.

The federal or provincial governments supervise general insurance companies operating in Canada. More then 100.000 people are employed by private property and casualty insurers in Canada, including independent brokers, actuaries and adjusters. Many others get in come from the payment of insurance claims, such as car repair, construction, law, medicine and accounting.

The prime mission of the new company was to maintain and develop user controlled institutions operating on the co-operative principles with the aim to provide insurance, finance and other services. Actually The Co-operators Group was carrying out a management and service organization assisting The Group's companies in their management allowing them the advice, tools and mechanisms to succeed. Among The Group's companies let you note, first of all, Co-operators Life Insurance Company created in 1982 as a single national life company for the Co-operators after the amalgamation of Co-operative Life Insurance Company and Co-operators Life Insurance Association both belonging to The Co-operators Group. The company is now one of the 10largest life insurance companies in Canada. The Cooperators provides as well auto insurance and travel insurance through Co-operators Auto Insurance and Co-operators Travel Insurance Companies.

Here are some ideas to keep your car insurance rates as low as probable:

You can make sure all your cars are on the same policy. Most car insurance companies offer a "Multi-vehicle discount" (up to 15 %!)for customers who insure more than one car on the same policy.

Older Think about dropping your collision coverage. Consider the value of your collision coverage. If you had a 10-year-old car that is worth about $1000, and your insurance deductible was range from $1000, it\\'s not worth it to purchase collision coverage. Drive carefully

Your driving record is one of the most influential factors in determining your car insurance rate. A bad driving record means higher car insurance premiums.

Drive a "low-risk" car

Car insurance rates are based on the previous claims history for that vehicle. The more likely a car is to be stolen or in an accident, the more you pay for insurance.

Don't drive to work

The more you are on the road, the higher your chances of getting in an accident. Car insurance rates are higher for people who commute to work.

Have an anti-theft device installed in your car. In some car insurance companies will give you adis count for having extra theft protection on your car.

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