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For the students intending to go for further studies or for higher education in Glasgow university there are many institutions which offer student loans, to help them carry on their studies without having to worry about their finance. The loans are returnable over a period of time and thus helps the students to persue their studies without any hitch and tension. The rates of interest are nominal and the payments are spread over a period of time. Listed below are some of the company which finance students loan to help them to complete their higher studies.


The Student Loan company is based in Glasgow.The company claims to be better than any Banks as their loans are based on inflation rates rather than on any base rate of Bank of England. The interest to be paid is nominal and will not go out of hand as it does in personal loan.Known as the Student Support Scheme it envisages repayment once your earning exceeds Pound 150000 per year. The loan along with interest will be paid until the total loan amount is repaid. For latest rate of interest kindly contact the company. Then they are having the Graduate Loan which are made from High Street Banks and not the student Loan Company. If you are having difficulties in getting Bank loan then PayPlan is there to assist you with your graduate loan in reducing the monthly repayments to a more manageable level. Make yourself free to call on 0800 917 7823 from 8.00 am to 9.00 pm Monday to Friday and 9.00am to 3.00 pm on Saturdays or contact them Address ; Payplan Ltd., Kempton House, Dysart Road, Grantham Lincoinshire,NG31 7LE.They have got 15 years of experience of and have helped 1 million people solve their debt problem Every year they support and help 100000 people. Their service is free. They are UKs largest free debt management plan company. They give free debt advice and solution to solve your financial difficulties. Having taken the loan and unable to repay causes stress and this is where Payplan comes to your rescue offering you solutions.


Student Finance Direct is giving student support for higher education. This institution normally provides information and financial services to student residing in England. They provide you with useful links and you can contact though websites. UCAS: The Universities and Colleges Admissions Services for UK. It is a service delivery partnership between the student loan company the dept for innovation universities and the skills (DIUS) and various other local authorities. It was set up in 2003 to administer for the financial support from promotion to payment to collection. Feel Free to talk to the official on their phone number : 0845 607 7577.Hours from Monday to Friday.8.00am to 8.00pm.Saturday and Sunday 9.00 am to 5.30 pm.


Student loan and funding from SAAS /LEAs offer different types of loan including payment of fees , allowances student loans etc. If you are in England you have to apply to the Student Finance Direct. Student who are very new should bring a letter from the Student Loan Company after having collected the matriculation certificate. Continuing student should bring along with them matriculation card as well as payment schedule letter and apply to the Academic Registry. They will then scan the barcode and then will inform the SLC that you are the student there. Generally within 3 days of confirmation they will make credit to your band account. For repayment of your loan you have to check the SLC website as to the start of repayment schedules and the amount you have to pay. All the details regarding the repayment can be had from the website.


The Student Loan Company is wholly owned by the government of UK and operates within the framework of the policy set up by the government. It gives loans to students as financial support for higher education in the United Kingdom and has assisted about 2.8 million borrowers to wade of their financial difficulties.Their Head Quarters is based in Glasgow having 1400 employees to process the loan application and spelling out loan repayments inquiries. Every year the loan disbursed increases substantially.


Citi Financial also gives student loans for pursuing higher studies. The processing is quick and easy. Very little documentation is required and no guarantors are required. You may contact their website at Citifinancial They give Federal student loans up to 10 lakhs in no time.


Students of university of Glasgow are eligible for next student federal student consolidation loan ,though not all the student are eligible for the federal student loan consolidation programme but most of the student qualify for the private student loan consolidation if they are not eligible for federal programme. The school name is university of Glasgow., address is Glasgow. Scotland, OC G12. School website address; College funding is made easy by Next Student. You can apply for a student loan for Consolidation loan Private student loans ,Private Loan Consolidation and for scholarship. For details Toll Free {800 }299-4639. Next Student helps in funding your educational financial needs as the company thinks it prudent to help the student in their quest for further studies. They make funding very easy and fast. They have many funding schemes and you can avail the assistance of their Financial education advisors who will help you to sort out your financial needs and further guide you in planning.


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