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Normally you select any business, only your system of working makes difference with other business men. If you want to be a successful business man, you have to follow the following rules within you. You should not compromise with your working method of system for any reasons. This is the secret of a successful business man. If you also want to be a successful business man, you should have your own business discipline. You have to enforce your methods all the time.

If you are not in work also the job should be completed as same as you worked earlier. You have to insist to your staff strictly. In some occasions in the absence of a chair person the changes are found in any operations. If the operation is one and same the concept will work very well. The concepts are set to achieve a goal of success. If you are in the service industry your system is different. If you are in the manufacturing industry your system is different. If you are working for some one else as franchise your system is different. If you are a franchise you will be taught exactly what to do and what not to do. Why to do These are all the secrets of a business. Only your approach towards your business is an open secret for the successful business. If you are a dealer of any manufactured article, or you deal with consumer goods your system is different. Lets learn a portion as manufacturer and as a dealer in this article.

As a manufacturer:

As a manufacturer you have to ensure that all the quality services you use for manufacturing a good product. At times you will suffer with the service providers. The service providers relationship should be with absolutely understanding of your business. Normally many business people are not able to handle his service providers promptly that is the only reason some products disappear after some time. They come out brightly and without plan they go back shortly. The planning is merely your system. The planning should be for life long. The temporary solutions are very expensive and the satisfaction is also not guaranteed both for you and your customers. You have to learn all the jobs of your service providers. This will help your business for long time in case of the absence of any service providers. You have to have substitute for the service provider, who should be good as your regular service providers. You can have one two or three service providers in case of the absence to your regular service providers. This is to ensure you the supply of your manufacturing products to your customers.

The service providers of your units should be very near to you so that you can make out the things quickly and on time and very perfectly. You have to check the quality of your goods every one hour. In

big business every thing will have its departments and more people will be working. If one worker is on leave, another worker will do the job. On the small business there is no much difference between the employee and the employer. The both the employee and the employer should work carefully with care. More attention is required in the small business. As a manufacturer you have to have a good vendors relationship. You have to select your purchase very carefully. All the purchase should be on call service. You have to maintain the money transaction with them clearly. In some cases you have to be liberal. Even you pay some advance money with your vendors, the vendors will trust you. If the vendors are happy with your relationship they will help you to keep everything in time. Time schedule is an important factor in business. If you do not keep up your time schedule, your orders for the manufacturing will go to some one else.

Dealers of small business:

As a dealer, you need to face the clients like manufacturer, user of the product, and re seller of your product and others. To this entire category, you should have full control. You have to be careful in your investments of stocks. As a dealer you have more responsibilities on the business role. Every dealer is important for the manufacturer. You have to go only for the complete satisfaction of a product. You can sell to any person, but you have to ask all the buyers one single question. Are you satisfied with our product If the answer is yes you can stock the same stocks. If the customer is unhappy, you have to search for different products. You have to meet. You have to create a manufacturer of the customers specifications. All the manufacturers will offer the free samples only to the dealers. If you want to sell them and make money, you are number one fool. You have to receive the samples. You have to choose your customers who are eligible to receive these free samples from you. After selection of the person, you have to personally call them and ask them to try this sample. You can ensure the profit with your new man. You have to offer the samples at the nearing price of the earlier price. You should not force the price hike without consulting your customers. This will make the customers happier. You will have very good name as a dealer of the product. The customers will not prefer any other dealers except you. You can have many more dealers besides you, but you will be one of the successful dealers among others.

As a dealer you have to watch the media carefully. Every day new products are arriving in the market and you should be aware of it, more than the manufacturer of the product. As a dealer you should have very good knowledge of latest trends. If you can pass all the latest information to your customers, their job is simple and they will consult you before they do any thing financially or physically. We wish you all the best for your small business life.

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