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In todays world things happening and changing very fast. New systems/customs are gaining popularity and old systems are being either change to suit new scenario or are thrown out of practice. One of the new thing likely to be happened is LPO Life process outsourcing. Somewhere I had heard the concept of life process outsourcing. And it sounds pretty new, even logical looking at the future we are heading toward.

If we analyze outsourcing concept, it seems to be a win-win situation for all. So far we have seen business process outsourcing then came knowledge process outsourcing and now this new concept of life process outsourcing.

Now a days outsourcing has become a solution for every activity, which we either dont like to do it or dont want to do it. In corporate world, all activities, which are not adding any value to organization or it is not a core competency for organization is either outsourced or likely to outsource. It seems that same concept is now accepted in non-corporate world also.

In all previous form of outsourcing, only profession related activities used to be outsourced to get competitive edge on global market. But when talk about life process outsourcing, it sounds strange. Perhaps some of us may not even believe it.

In todays world, every one of us has become so busy in our professional life that we dont have time to spare for our personal matters. And this has become a global phenomenon. Every aspirant men and women are slogging in gaining professional qualifications; sharpening their technical/managerial skills and getting that extra quality which counts most in their professional life and in this process they have no time left for their other responsibilities.

Apart from your career, there are many other things that need to be taken care, perhaps with more

focus. Responsibility toward family, friends and relatives or even social duties has taken back seat. We professionals are too busy for all above things. It has become difficult for us to discharge family or social responsibility on time. The reason why such things happens can be understood by all of us as paying good attention at our professional life is must do activity and it is even more difficult due to global competition and it is being challenged day by day. All corporate wizards and new talents have to spend time in getting all essential qualities. In this condition, obviously personal life and life related activities are going to suffer a lot.

The beauty of life process outsourcing concept is it gives helping hands in keeping balance between personal and professional life. The concept may be pretty similar to earlier versions i.e. Business process outsourcing and knowledge process outsourcing Based on theories of business process outsourcing and Knowledge process outsourcing, functioning of LPO can be projected in similar manner. It is likely that all activities for which we are running short of time but yet it is necessary for us to do, Service of other professionals can be hired who are interested in taking care of such activities. If we project models of BPO and KPO to get view of life process outsourcing, it will perhaps look like this.

You have so many things to be done at your home. But you and your wife both working. You have children to be taken care. The concept of joint family is already gone. So you have no one to look after your family related issues.

You name activities, i.e. picking up children from school, helping them to do their homework, taking them out, paying your electricity bill, telephone bill, cable bill, supply of groceries, vegetables, cooking, house cleaning, nursing of children or parents or grandparents, taking your family members to shopping, guarding of family, arranging for movie tickets and many more. The list can be endless.

These all activities mentioned above are defined as non-core life activities in corporate language.

The reason why this concept seems to be accepted as business process outsourcing is lack of time. Busy schedule of all professionals and different life style of new generation, complexities of life will be motivation factors for people to welcome this concept.

Working people dont seem to have time these days, but they have lots of money; especially those double income couples, IT nerds, MBA hot shots, finance wizards, entrepreneurs, business families; just about everybody in the modern rat race. Non-core Life Activities, for which they neither have the inclination or the time outsource them; so you can maximize your work-time to rake in the money and make a fast climb up the ladder of success.

It will be even more attracting to those who work in other countries. They can now offload all or most of their responsibly using life process outsourcing. At the end, they can feel happy that they discharging their duties even being away from their families. This novel concept may be a boon for those kinds of people.

It will help them to manage their professional as well as family life together. May be new generation kids, all old generation parents or grand parents accept this as they understand the business of their loved ones.

This may also be an opportunity for new service sector that can bring new jobs, better or professional services in areas like education, health, nursing etc. We have already seen change after arrival of BPO, KPO effect can also be seen. Similarly, this could be a beginning of new service.

Since, BPO and KPO are only business related activities, so it was accepted easily. But in case of LPO, it may not be easy. In fact it is likely to face resistance considering the culture we have specifically a country like India. For other developed countries, it may not be a issue. Actually, this concept is already in place in some developed countries in one or the other form. Considering the life style changes, we see today and spreading of this culture in almost all countries, days are perhaps not far where life process outsourcing shall be talk of town.

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