Post office car insurance

The post office is one of the oldest institutions in the UK. In fact it can trace its history to 1660 when the General Post Office was established by Royal Charter of Charles II.As the British Empire expanded the concept of the Post Office spread to the colonies like India and the United States. In 1969 the British government made the post office a statutory corporation. Originally, the GPO covered only the dispatch and receipt of mail, parcels and packets.

This continued for a long time. But with the advent of the twentieth century the Post Office has branched into the insurance sector as well. The latest addition is auto or car insurance. Presently post offices in the UK provide various types of car insurance as an add to their postal services. Keeping in view that there are thousands of post offices in the UK the reach of the Post Office for car insurance can be appreciated. The latest addendum is the fact that post office car insurance is also available on line as well.


As things stand Post Offices provide car insurance cover to citizens of the United Kingdom. In case you exercise your option to go in for car insurance from the post office then it has its own benefits. One of these advantages is that the car insurance from the post office comes with a one month free cover.


Generally the common British who has associated the Post office only with mail finds it difficult to appreciate the capabilities of the post office vies a vies car insurance. However bear in mind that old times have changed and presently the service is quick and efficient and gives you good value for the money spent by you to insure your car. The Post Office has in the present millennium gone much ahead of its traditional role of disbursing mail and has digressed to a vast array of financial products and among them is car insurance.


In 2009 the Post office car insurance cover provides comprehensive car insurance policy with a settlement of claims in 24 hours. Though there are a few people who are not satisfied with this aspect, yet the majority are happy. The post office also has a 24 hour helpline that can help you reach post office with your problem. The post office also in some cases may provide a free substitute car when your auto is under repair-subject to of course relevant terms and conditions. (This can be checked up from the Post office or the web. The best option is that the post office allows you to pay your premiums monthly subject to again certain conditions.


The Post Office foray into the insurance sector has brought out some excellent benefits for the customer. As far as car insurance is concerned the Post Office has brought out statistics that point out that 70% of their customers on the average save money when they insure their car through the Post Office.


Post office car insurance quotes are available on line and a reference will bring you 20 or more quotes for you to choose from. That is one of the reasons that the public in the UK is becoming aware of the benefits of car insurance from the post office. Bristol and West which is a subsidiary of the Bank of Ireland powers the Post office web site for car quotes


Once you take insurance from the post office you can opt for many extras. You can opt for RAC (rescue service and roadside assistance cover) in case you travel long distances. That can be quite a help. You can also exercise your option for motor legal protection as well. This is important as this insurance will defend you legally in case you are into an accident and it's not your fault. Motor Legal Protection can help recover uninsured losses from the person who caused the accident for:


In case you wish to economize and don't need comprehensive car insurance cover then the post office gives you option for third party insurance for fire and theft. All these are available from the Post office.


When you apply for car insurance to the post office web site it will search for the best quotes from their panel of insurers and get you as economical a deal as possible. Earlier the Post office was not advertising its products. But now there is a change and Post Office insurance products are getting some media coverage.


Post office insurance also covers motorcycles. The post office has advertised that all owners taking motor cycle cover from 1 Feb 2009 to 30 Sept 2009 can avail of one month free motorcycle insurance. This however is applicable for the first year only and no free cover is available after that on renewals. It must be mentioned that one free month insurance is calculated as one twelfth of the total annual premium. You are allowed to make a deduction of this amount from m the total premium to be paid by you. It must be noted by you that this one month free insurance offer is exclusive and cannot be combined with any other offer.


As far as car insurance is covered the Post office offers exciting proposals. You have the option to have no claims discount up to 9 years. In addition post office insurance for your car offers free windscreen service repair as well as a substitute car while your car is in the garage. A news is that you can avail this insurance also on foreign travel to the European Union up to 60 days in a year. The post office has come a long way from early days of being a mail carrier to a power house of financial investments and insurance.


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