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Introduction- Why should I take a health insurance policy now? My health is in good shape and as I work hard, I have always compensated for any work lost due to minor illnesses that has occurred to me till date. This may be the line of thinking for a high percentage of people who may find it a waste of an investment to buy a health insurance policy at a time when everything seems to be on track. But, not getting pessimistic for one second, you should rather view the situation with a futuristic eye.


What is going wrong inside our body right now will not be evident until it begins to show the symptoms one fine morning. You should be ready to face whatever is dished out to us by Mother Nature. Also, given the high medical/hospital expenses in Raleigh and in general in the country these days, it can topple your financial stability as you may have to find funds from your own and also may have to go for a quick loan which obviously will carry a heavy interest. Added to this will be the fact that you may have to stay away from work till you recover from your illness.


Thus, having a health insurance policy now is not a waste of money but an intelligent investment which can turn your savior should an emergency arise in the future.


Choosing the right policy- You should first decide on the type and quantity of health insurance you need to buy in Raleigh. This will depend upon your individual health parameters, your living style and your budget. Once you have done it you do a thorough search on the policies offered by the top health insurance providers in Raleigh.


When you do so, you should guard against a couple of things.


1) Dont fall prey to seemingly attractive offers which certain companies in Raleigh may put forward to mislead you. You may actually end up buying more than you need at a higher rate than you had set yourself for.


2) Make sure of your providers reputation and their recognition in the Raleigh. Not that all newcomers should be neglected, but it is better to purchase your health insurance from a provider who has enough experience and standing in the field.


Top companies in Raleigh to choose from: Here is a brief description about the top health insurance providers whose services are available for the residents of Raleigh.


1) Aetna Inc. being one of the countrys top health insurance provider, Aetna offers a wide range of products that include traditional as well as consumer oriented health insurance policies. These include medical, dental, pharmacy, behavioral health, group life policies, disability plans to name a few.


2) Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association is an organization which consists of 39 individual health insurance companies and providers in the United States. They claim that about 100 million people in the country benefit from their health insurance services that include HMOs, PPOs, POS and free for service plans. Blue shield also offers Medicare plans.


3) CIGNA corporation- whose head quarters are located in Bloomfield Connecticut claims to be one of the top ranked health insurance providers in the country. Its health plans include PPO, HMO, POS AND consumer friendly products. It is estimated that CIGNA provides health insurance coverage to an excess of 9 million people. It also offers dental, vision, pharmacy and behavioral health coverage as well. CIGNA has received top honors in the 2009 Gartner & 1to1 customer experience excellence award.


4) UnitedHealth group Incorporated: It offers its customers various plans and services. In addition to the HMO, PPO and POS plans, it also manages Medicare and Medicaid policies. Among its segments, Uniprise undertakes health plans for large companies, whereas specialized care provides plans for dental, vision and other services. Ingenix provides health information consulting and publishing, along with clinical research and drug marketing services. Recently, UnitedHealth Group along with Cisco has realized the telehealth network, first of its king in the country, which through modern technology, enables patients to have access to the physicians and experts where personal visits are impossible.


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