Health and safety policies

Do you have sufficient funds to meet any unwanted emergency requirements ? Is that really sufficient to meet any exigency?With the rising cost of medical care, cost of admission in hospital alone is sufficient to destroy your entire savings. Don't worry! There is a way that can help you tackle mounting bills with enhanced confidence if you have cushion of adequate health insurance cover. A family health insurance policy frees you from all kinds of expenses related to hospitalization A family health insurance is an agreement between service provider and you in which service provider promises to bear cost of medical treatment by taking premiums.


What kind of benefits will you get?


A. Room, boarding expense in hospital/nursing home


B. Nursing expenses


C. Surgeon, anesthetist, medical practitioner, specialist fees


D. Anesthesia, blood transfusion, operation theatre charges, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, cost of pacemaker and other expense.


Expenses on the hospitalization for minimum period of 24 hours (May vary from company to company) are admissible. However, this time limit is not applied to specific treatments such as dialysis, pacemaker, eye surgery and dental treatment etc.


Relevant medical expenses incurred during period up to 30 days prior to end period of 60 days after hospitalization are treated as part of claim.


What are the options before you?


The Traditional Indemnity Plans-Provides maximum benefit but most expensive


The HMOs or the health Maintenance Organisation.-Cheapest but having least benefits


PPOs (Preferred Provider Organisations) plan- You can consult any doctor or visit any hospital within a preferred network of providers. However, doctor or hospital outside the pre-selected provider list will cost bit more.


POS (Point of Service) plan-It gives freedom to insured person to choose specialists with the POS network s referred by their primary care physician.


How to pick best health insurance plan ?


Choosing proper health insurance plan for family not an easy task as a wide gamut of plans are available in the market and agents will only push you to take the product which fetches more commission for them. But, if you take care of following things, you won't repent.


i. What is my medical requirement and how much annual premium can I afford ?


ii. How much of the total expense can be reimbursed?


iii. Will it cover pre-existing illness?


iv. Does the proposed plan covers only chronic diseases or general medical expenses ?


Are you aware of Family Floater Schemes ?


If you think you will have to take separate policies for each of the family members, you are wrong ! Instead, only one scheme will cater health insurance needs of entire family from any unwarranted medical exigency. This is popularly known as Family Floater Schemes. However, for this you will have to furnish little more annual premium. If you are unmarried ,but you can still add new features called riders by paying extra money. Insurance needs varies and suitable assessments are necessary as and when time arises.


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