Engagement ring insurance

engagement ring is something that possesses value, both materialistically and sentimentally for an individual. Many individuals regard their engagement ring to be priceless and extend forward taking engagement ring insurance that really proves its worth. The fact is not to be considered romantically but is practical in nature if evaluated by its appraisal.


Generally all the expensive purchases like house and car are secured by insurance but engagement ring insurance is often ignored or not looked upon seriously. It is taken for granted to be covered along with home owner or renters insurance policy. But such policies do not first of all cover the jewel against any loss or damage occurred outside the house. Secondly the homeowner's policy fixes up a certain amount for jewelry ranging between $500 to $1000 maximum.


engagement ring insurance options:


There are different types of engagement ring insurance provided to choose from like:


Replacement policy: According to this engagement ring insurance policy the owner is provided the cost for exchange of the ornament; in case it is stolen, lost or damaged in a way difficult to repair. The firm bears the entire cost of exchange irrelevant of the market price whether high or low.


Real cash value policy: This is the most common and popular form of engagement ring insurance policy preferred by individuals. This helps you gain a cash claim for your ring . The ring is treated as used ornament and the insurance company funds you as per the current market rate depreciating the amount against usage.


Valued at policy: This policy provides great benefit to its owner by returning the accurate coverage. Under this policy the firm reimburses the policy holder the actual insurance value of the item.


The price of engagement ring insurance


The purchase of any insurance policy is often backed by the thought and consideration for the amount to be paid. The cost of engagement ring insurance is dependent upon the value of your ornament, dwelling location and lastly the company.


Before approaching for insurance it is important to acknowledge the value of the ring . The exact appraisal can be taken from any jeweler different from the seller. The greater the value of the ring the greater will be the premium. In addition if your dwelling place is more prone to crime and offenses that gets inclined to greater insecurity and act as another reason for greater premium. In US the engagement ring insurance price ranges between 1.25% -1.75% of the total value for the ring as per market rate. For example a ring of appraisal $10,000 can fetch you a premium of $125 to $175.




The search for a reliable engagement ring insurance provider is very well contented by the Chubb group. This is the most rusted firm working as a specialist in the field providing exclusive jewelry insurance . The policy can be availed through jewelry retailers or separate insurance agents as preferred by the customer. In regards to the engagement ring insurance policy the Chubbs follow their terms of providing full coverage for the item displayed in the policy without any deductibles. The replacement policy is not attained by the firm as they do provide the cash value to replace the ornament from your selected jeweler. The coverage is applicable worldwide but they do not guarantee loose diamonds.


Jewelers mutual protect your priceless only after having appraisals for the ornament to provide coverage. It provides all kinds of repairs and replacement coverage in the policy.


The engagement ring counts for individual's emotional asset, so the care extended can be special by taking an engagement ring insurance policy.


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