Health insurance in ca

During the recent times it is observed that the number of people suffering from physical disorders and diseases has steadily increased and is mainly among the younger population. This is a problem mainly because of improper environmental conditions, lifestyles, lack of exercise etc. therefore it has become important for everyone to have the best health insurance policy possible to help them in the high cots involved medical treatment and health care. There are a number of health insurance companies in California that offer policies to people of different ages.


The federal government has also started such medical care programs to attract people under their insurance policies. These policies offered by the government greatly help people with lower income. You will first have to understand the different types of plans available in the insurance industry so that you select the best and suitable plan. There are also a number of insurance agents or brokers who can guide you through the different available plans so you make the right decision.


Most of the employed people in California usually get their health insurance policy through their employment. However if you are a self employed or don't work for some reasons then it is strongly recommended you find a health insurance policy. There are two state government agencies in California that regulate health insurance. The California department of insurance is the one that regulates indemnity and insurance PPO plans in California while the department responsible for HMO plans is California department of managed health care.


In case you are looking for health insurance coverage then the California department of insurance has a list of specialises insurance companies and agents that are licensed to sell indemnity and insurance policies in California. however if you find problems in resolving your claim dispute with the agent then you can even file a complaint at the Department of Insurance. You can just visit their online website and follow the instructions to file a complaint against your insurance company. Even if you get your health insurance from your job then it would be regulated by the U.S Department of Labor's employee benefits security administration.


The agency makes and enforces rules which your employer should follow when offering health insurance to their employees. For instance, the employer cannot exclude your from the insurance plan just because you have costly illness. Additionally if there are more than 20 employees at your job then you should benefit from COBRA continuation coverage even after you leave the job. The agencies therefore work to ensure these rules are followed and you can even contact in case you face any problems with your health insurance coverage. There is also the California Major Risk Medical Insurance program (MRMIP) which offers coverage to people who are rejected for an individual policy just for pre-existing medical conditions. Unfortunately, the law in California lets insurance companies to reject any applicant for having pre-existing health conditions but only if there are HIPPA eligible or they have exhausted the entire 36 months of MRMIP coverage.


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