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Denver home listing

Denver is a beautiful city of Colorado district in USA. There are many types of real estate sales in this city. Commercial spaces, residential spaces like apartments, individual villas, condominiums etc. Some are new houses and some are resale houses. There are some resale houses that are built in 1800s. Though they are old, there is demand for such house as some are aesthetic and picturesque.


Let us look at some of the residential houses in Denver.


There is a condominium at 3100 brighton boulevard in Denver. There are four bedrooms and four bathrooms apart from other common rooms in the total area of 4320 sq ft. This is condo is located in a total of 5000 sq ft plot. This house is available for resale and it was built in the year 2008. Each property in USA has an identity number known as MLS id. The MLS id of this condo is 687240. There is a park, pool, gymnasium and a barbeque place. The place is secure with high lever security personnel. This condo has a huge terrace and guest rooms as well as a room that can be converted to office. The area has limousine service as well as concierge desk.


There is a beautiful villa at 1321 in 12th avenue in Denver. There are 2 bedrooms with a single bathroom in a 1099 sq ft house that was built in 1907. The MLS id of this resale property is 781159. The house is near to cheeseman park. The sunlit terrace is perfect for reading and resting as well as doing exercise. There is living room, dining hall, 2 bedrooms, and kitchen. The floors are made with wood. There is a fireplace in the living room. Kitchen has a dishwasher and refrigerator


There is a marvelous new condo for resale at 920 Locust street in Denver. There are 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. This condo was built in 2006 and has an area of 1267 sq ft. Exterior is of stucco type. There is a closed car park. The MLS id of this property is 800649. Parks and shops are close by. The deal is also reasonable. There is a living room, dining room, kitchen and two bedrooms. There is a fireplace in the living room. There is wall to wall carpeting and central air conditioning system fitted in the house. There is cable TV. There are other appliances like dishwasher, microwave, oven, refrigerator and a disposal system.


There is a aesthetic ranch of about 0.14 acres at 4134 Lipan street in Denver in the north highlands area. This ranch was built in 1959 and the total built in area id 1428 sq ft. The MLS id of this property is 790650. There are 5 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. This ranch falls in the residential zone and there is a basement area and a patio in the ranch. Exterior is a brick wall construction. There is heating system in place and kitchen has a dishwasher.


There is a new bungalow in Washington park which is built by Eagle properties. The bungalow is in South Ogden street and it can reached from E Louisiana Ave. HOA fees in not listed for this property. The lot size us 6230 in an area of 0.14acres. This property is near Wash park and Pearl shopping complex. The elementary school in the area id Steele. The middle and high schools are Merrill and South. The front view of the house is built aesthetically. There is a patio and the porch is covered. The roofs are of cathedral type. Floor is made of wood. There house includes home theater in the basement. There are four bedrooms and 6 bathrooms. Four are full bathrooms and two are half bathrooms. The master bedroom has separate walk in closets for the man and woman of the house. Bathroom has hot water shower and jetted tub. Family room has a audio system, TV and a gas fireplace. There is a Family room, Dining room, master bedroom and 3 bedrooms, kitchen, laundry room and a den. Appliances include dish washer, oven, disposal system, refrigerator, microwave and smoke alarm. Bathroom has jetted tub and laundry tub. There is a washing machine. Central air conditioning system and security system is fitted in the house. There is parking space for 2 cars. There is a garage door opener. Lawn sprinkler system is also fitted.


There is a single family house in 2815 E Alameda ave near the cherry creek neighborhood. This is a resale house, which was built in 1999. This is two story west facing building. It is stucco construction with public water and sewerage system. The total area is 5458 sq ft with main level covering 2120 sq ft. There are four bedrooms with 3 on the first floor and one in the basement. There are five baths. There are 2 car parking spaces. The high school is South. Elementary and middle schools are Cory and Merrill.


There is a resale residential house in 13030 E 47th CIR for a reasonable price of $105,000. This is a brick construction of the year 1970. There are 3 stories of total of 2113 sq ft. There is a closed patio, three bedrooms, three bathrooms, dining hall, deck and living room. There is a garden, utility shed and 2 car parks. There is a smoke alarm and kitchen has a dishwasher. The senior school is Montbello. The elementary and junior high schools are Mcglone and Martin Luther King Jr schools.


There is a deluxe penthouse in 25 downing street. One can view mountains and downtown Denver from this house. This penthouse was built in 1999 in concrete construction style. The MLS id is 803643. There is a family room with fireplace, dining room, living room, kitchen, 5 bedrooms and seven bathrooms. The appliances in this resale house include microwave, dishwasher, oven, disposal system, washer and refrigerator. There is central air conditioning system. The burglar alarm is in place. There is a parking space with garage door opener.


These are some of the houses available for sale in Denver, which has lots more to offer to suit each and everyone's needs.


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