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The University of Virginia various innovative Financial Aid Programmes to help lower income middle-class people. Student Financial Services Department is mainly intended to assist students, alumni, and their families with efficient, courteous, and responsible financial services, while complying with all federal, state, and University policies. University of Virginia students also need to complete the FASFA before deadline. Apart from the FASFA, students must also enroll for an academic degree.


Financial Aid will be two types:


1. Need-Based Financial Aid


2. Non Need-Based Financial Aid


Students who wish to apply for non need-based Financial Aid must first file the FAFSA. In addition to being considered for Pell Grants, Stafford Loans, and Parent PLUS loans, they may also be considered for certain merit scholarships.


The basic requirements of Virginia Financial Aid program are:


1. Students should complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) before the deadline.


1. All the students who have applied for admission to University of Virginia should also submit the FAFSA.


2. Students should contact the University of Virginia. Department in which they plan to enroll for other scholarship opportunities or visit the Scholarships page for more information.


3. Students should reply promptly to all requirements for financial aid information.


4. Students should put their name and ID number on all documents they submit as part of their application for financial aid.


5. Students can clarify the queries related to the Financial Aid Process.


University of Virginia offers various types of Financial Aid facilities for undergraduate studnets, Graduate students. They are:


1. Undergraduate Students


The below are the Financial Aid programmes designed for the under graduate students, who complete the formalities of FAFSA and enrollment for a degree.


* Federal Pell Grant


* Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant


* Federal Perkins Loan


* Federal Stafford Loan Programs (including PLUS)


* Federal Work Study


* Commonwealth Grant


* Virginia Guaranteed Assistance Program


* College Student Assistance Program


* Other Scholarships


2. Graduate or Professional Students


Students who, have a bachelor's degree and completed the FAFSA, and enrolling for a Graduate degree can obtain below Financial Aid Programmes.


* Federal Perkins and Nursing Loan Program


* Federal Stafford Loan Program


* Federal Stafford Loan Maximums


* Federal Parent PLUS Loan Program


* Federal Graduate PLUS Loan Program


* Private Loans


3. Federal Work Study


Federal Work-Study (FWS) is one kind of Financial Aid provided to the needy studnets, which allows the studnets earning while studying. Many job opportunities are offered to the eligible students on or off lines. If students are not qualified for Federal Work study, university provides various job opportunities in the fields of clerical, laboratory, and customer service positions. Studnets need to indicate the preference of work study while filling the FASFA. Based on the availability of funds students cal also request for work study to replace their need-based loan award. Annual Work Study award amounts will be between $1,000 to $2,000 for undergraduate students and up to $6,000 for graduate students.


Virginia students financial services federal work study job listing on the Financial Aid website through CAVLink's electronic student employment program.Studnets can select the suitable job form the jobs list and contact the employer directly to know about the job profile and responsibilities. Federal work study allows the students to work eight and fifteen hours per week when classes are running. The employers will be paid minimum wages in the form of paychecks.Pay checks will be mailed directly to the students mails or to their personal bank account. The earnings of Federal Work Study are subject to federal state tax rules. If the student is required to file the W-2 form, its is his responsibility to report all taxable earnings for the next year FASFA award.


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