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Every year over more than 200,000 American students study abroad and more than 600,000 international students come to the USA to study. Studying abroad involves financial assistance for further expenses as travel, accommodations, fees and materials. Financial aid blog provides compete information on the different colleges available on a particular course, Financial Aid process, application process, eligibility requiremnts, types of Financial Aid Awards, scholorships and loans, repayment procedures etc. blog is a type of website, usually maintained by an individual with regular entries of commentary, descriptions of events, or other material such as graphics or video. Many of the blogs provides information and views of participants or bloggers on a particular subject. Financial Aid Blogs are mainly designed to guide and instruct the students and works as a navigator in locating the financial assistance.


A Financial Aid Blog is created by the professionals of Financial Aid. Generally it discusses the below issues and provides valuable solutions to the reader. Many of the universities create an online resource for students, parents, and education personnel who are seeking information about federal and state Financial Aid. The financial aid blog is treated as an informal forum for financial aid seekers to ask questions and gather information about financial aid opportunities. Financial Aid Blog will be supervised by the Financial Aid and communications staff. They posts write ups on Financial Aid, provide links to resources, and respond to questions and comments from bloggers. Interested bloggers can also subscribe to a feed that automatically sends updated information from Financial Aid Blog to their computer, where it can be viewed via email and other web-based reader programs


The below are the main issues discussed in the Financial Aid Blogs:


* Understanding and Completing the FAFSA


* When should I complete the FAFSA?


* What do I need to know when completing the FAFSA?


* What is the Expected Family Contribution (EFC)?


* Do I need to include my Parents Information on the FAFSA?


* What is Federal Subsidized Stafford Loan?


* US Funds, Access to Education Scholarships


* The Financial Aid Merry-Go-Round


* Time to Enter the 21st Century


* Information blog about FASFA and financial aid


* Are student loans credit based


* Scholarship entry fees


* FAFSA dependency override


* How to get FASFA help


* FASFA renewals


* Fill your application


* Which parents in formation do I use or FASFA


* Scholarships for students from the Middle East, Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia


* Tips on Paying for College


* The International Student Loan Center


* Update for International Student Loans


* MBA Students Suffer as Custom Loan Programs Close


* International Student Financial Aid Update - 2009


* New Rules for International Students - British Home Office


Some of the listed blogs of Financial Aid are as follows:


* Financial aid blog from the director of Financial Aid david schrock




* SCHEV's Blog on Financial Aid for Higher Education in Virginia


* Admissions and Financial Aid Blog






















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