Financial aid services

As the Financial Aid Process has become very complex, and requires experts guidance. In this practice, Financial Aid Services became prominent in the process of higher education The Financial Aid Office is responsible for providing the financial assistance to students who are being short of financial resources to meet the cost of attandance.Financial aid office provides Financial Aid Services which works as a navigator in reaching the students destination.


The basic objective behind the Financial Aid Services is to optimize Financial Aid operations and advance service quality. Financial Aid Services guided more than 18,000 students regarding the financial aid in receiving more than $230 million of financial assistance from federal, state, corporate, and institutional sources.


The Financial Aid Consultants help to develop personalized solutions to serve students and meet the goals of their institution. Financial Aid Consultants are consultants are adopted various financial aid practices to reach new opportunities and develop new solutions to meet the needs of each school. The financial aid service offered are creative, flexible, and empowered to add exceptional value through the extensive knowledge of financial aid. The Financial Aid Services offers solutions related to Grants and Scholarships, Student Employment and Education Loans. The Financial Aid Services are also responsible for passing the Financial Aid information to students and their parents as well as administering all the Financial Aid Programs at Grace.


Financial Aid Services offers five types of services:


* Consulting


* Interim staffing


* Assessments


* Remote processing


* Heightened cash monitoring and reimbursement


The Financial Aid Services answers the below questions of the clients regarding the Financial Aid:


1. What Are The Steps To Apply For Financial Aid?


o Step 1 Apply for a Federal Personal Identification Number (Federal PIN).


o Step 2 File the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA on the Web)


o Step3-After the submission of FAFSA, Financial Aid Office will determine the eligibility criteria


2. What if I have special circumstances and my income has changed?


3. What Is the Definition of an Independent Student?


4. What Are the Priority Deadline Dates?


FAS discusses about the deadlines for applying and submission of FASFA.


5. What Are the General Eligibility Requirements?


FAS give an idea about the general eligibility factors to apply for the financial aid.


6. What Veterans and National Guard Benefits are available?


o Veterans Administration Benefits


o Connecticut Veterans Tuition Waiver


o National Guard Tuition Waiver


7. How Are Family and Income Information Verified?


8. How Are Financial Aid Packages Determined?


9. How Do I Monitor My Application Status?


10. How Do I Receive Notification of Financial Aid Offered?


11. What Are The Requirements For Satisfactory Academic Progress?


12. How Do I Notify the Financial Aid Office of Any Changes of Enrollment Plans?


13. How Does Financial Aid Defer Payment of Tuition?


14. How do I obtain a loan to borrow what I need?


15. Queries related to Refund and Repayment


16. Student Financial Aid Applicant Rights & Responsibilities


o Student applicant rights


o Student applicant responsibilities


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