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Financial aid stands for funding intended help to students in paying educational expenses including tuition and fees, room and board, books and supplies, etc. In general, governmental funding for public education is not called financial aid. This financial aid refers as an award to specific individual students, sometimes a scholarship is considered as financial aid award.


The financial aid homepage is the U.S. Department of Education's site for free information on organize and funding education beyond high school. The website can be useful to all age groups such as elementary, high school, parent, counselor etc. It is also considered as a wealth of information and publications about the financial aid programs that are offering by different educational institutions.


The homepage of a financial aid can give an elaborative study of all the details from "how to get a financial aid" to "the use for a normal student". The homepage provides information about eligibility criteria, process and procedure, payment details, advantages and disadvantages, facts and figures about financial aid etc. The financial aid homepage can assist the aspirant student who wishes to acquire assistance from financial aid of a particular college or school or university.


The financial aid homepage can provide the information of terms and norms of FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). The financial aid homepage also gives the details about how students are getting benefits from the financial aid programs that are offered by various educational institutions. This homepage plays a central and essential role in supporting the vision and mission statements of that particular financial aid program.


The homepage encourages the students in improving their knowledge in terms of educational qualification, how to face monetary issues and how to get financial stability etc. The homepage also endow with the aspects of financial aid application deadlines, general student aid information, needed documents, student aid eligibility information, signatures that are required to get a student aid, time span (how much it will take to get the student aid), school or college or university codes and PIN details etc. The homepage is a source of information for the aspirant students who wish to apply for student aid. It also serves to the students about the grants, campus-based aid, merit-based aid, need-based aid, parent loans and PLUS loans for graduate and professional degree students.


As an outline, the homepage can guide the students by offering information about how to plan for higher education, choosing a school, applying for admission, how to get funds for their education, repayment information, repayment plans & calculators, public service loan forgiveness programs and postponing repayment etc. In short, the financial aid homepage is a pool of information about student aid and required publications in order to provide proper information to the aspirant students.


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