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Ebay as we all know is now not an uncommon term. It is so popular and known among the masses that it has become a synonym for Internet shopping or as all say it online shopping. It is the world-class shopping arcade where you get anything and everything in their best of quality and at affordable rates. It is so very much present in our minds that we think of buying a product and we utter Ebay. The site is so user friendly that any layman can understand it and do their shopping on it. It has become a online shopping place both nationally and internationally.

You can Buy and Sell

Buying products and selling products is one thing is known for. It is a one stop shop to buy and sell products. Buying is not a hassle at all form ebay all you have to do is browse through the right category to the right page and the list of various types of products under that category appear in front of you. Now all you need to do is add them in your shopping cart. The buying on Ebay can be done by your own choice either by purchasing items in an auction-style format or items can be picked at a fixed price through one of its feature called Buy It Now. The selling on ebay is also one of the attractive features that drag a lot of people and vendors towards it. This not only gives an easy access to them to the various national and international consumers but also promotes their products internationally as ebay serves in all the major countries of the world through its local sites. You can even access the international buying options and go on shopping spear internationally only with the click of a mouse.

How to get started?

To get started with ebay all you have to do is get an online registration with ebay with all your basic particulars and contact information and that’s it… yes that’s it seems unbelievable but its true. As you get registered with the site you can visit the various pages and view the products an can learn about them and start on buying or bidding. Like wise you can also open a seller’s account to sell items through Ebay but in this you might need to provide your credit card number or any other ID card as the proof of identity. The credit card would not be charged the entire process is only for the verification purposes. All your contact information are kept as secret.

Magical World of Ebay

Now lets step in to the magical world of a shopping arcade for anyone and everyone. Here you find the various category listings for the various products like ‘Arts and Antiques’ where you can find paintings, furniture and artifacts, Books where you can find various types of books like children books, educational books, fiction etc on display for sale. And similarly more under jewellery and watches, music, health and beauty, cell phones, clothing and accessories etc. The categories are divided as heads and then sub heads and then further categories according to the different types of things available in that particular product. The products on display have a little description with them explaining it better with its particulars along.

If you are searching for something, which you are unable to, guess that would fall under what category of heads or sub heads in that case what you can do is find your product from the search option.

The site also has a page that displays the new items added and on sale at best prices. Sometimes you might find something on at a very affordable and lesser price than what it cost on the shops.

If you have been a part e-bay for a long time and you know about a particular seller who’s collection is good, durable and affordable you can make a search by seller and find the various product on display by him on the site.

The offers and deals

Like other online shopping site ebay also offers various discounts and offers for its buyer but unlike other it has some of the best deals you can ever avail. Sometime you might end up paying very less for a product as compare to its Market price. Isn’t it Interesting and exciting enough?

Various measures taken for sale or purchase

The online buying at ebay is a transparent procedure. Here you don’t know the seller and the buyer of the product and ebay acts as an effective mean to link the two. There are various precautions and measures taken at each step of buying and selling that makes the transactions sheer and absolute. There are certain buyer policies and seller policies framed by ebay to make the procedures smooth sailing and protect both sellers and buyers.

The Essentials

Payment Procedures

Payment procedures for the product you buy are very simple. Payment procedures are very simple it can be through a credit card, pay pal account (if you have one), or personal checks and cashier checks and money orders. You can also contact the sellers of the products yourself and can decide on the different payment procedures.

Delivery options

Shipping and dispatching and return policies are mentioned on the site with the product information. Which makes it easy and clear to the buyer.

Feedback form

Unique feature at ebay is of Feedback forms. This is a feedback form that is get filled by the sellers commenting about the buyer the sold stuff. And similarly filled by a buyer commenting and giving a feedback about the seller. This helps the other sellers to know about the different buyers and vise versa .

Ebay is indeed a hub, a den, a center for shopping lovers, the deals so attractive the biding so exciting and other features to help the customers and consumers in every possible way makes the site distinct and one of its kind. So next time you are getting those shopping impulse and you are feeling to go for a shop. Hold it because ebay is where you have to stop.

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