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Credit Card Verification

With the massive use of Credit Cards and sales amounting to millions of dollars every month, it is important that there is a proper verification of the user and his credit card. The credit card as used today is a successor of a merchant scheme that dates back to 1920, when it was first used to help car owners buy gas. By 1938 several companies started to accept cards and the system was on the verge of expansion.

The credit for shaping the modern concept of paying a merchant by a credit card really goes to Ralph Schneider and Frank X. McNamara who conceived this scheme in 1950 and created The Diners card.It was the first credit card issued and the fore runner of the present day cards. The popularity of the Diners card can be appreciated from the fact that the number of users soon reached 20,000 and diners club had to change its office thrice to cater to the greater numbers.

All sales and purchases on the credit cards have to be authenticated and for this the latest software is developed. Before we look at the available software its important to understand what happens when you present the card to a merchant establishment. Presentation of your card at a merchant establishment is the starting point of the transaction and referred to as point of sale (POS). Its important that at the time of sale the card is valid and has available credit.

The merchant will accept the card and swipe it on a machine called the CCVS (Credit Card verification System). The information that has been given by you to the merchant is then transmitted along with the merchant ID code, to a clearinghouse (also referred to as a processor or acquirer). The clearinghouse might be the bank that has issued the merchant, his credit card account, or it could be a firm that is contracted by the merchants bank, for a fee or a percentage of the cost of the transaction.

The data is transmitted by the machine that reads the card numbers numbers over the phone, when the credit card is swiped at the POS terminal. The information is sent from a computer.

As the information is transmitted the clearinghouse contacts the bank that issued the credit card to the consumer and verifies that the card is valid and has the required credit limit.The charge is then accepted.This is a vital step. In case its a valid card, then the clearing house accepts the charge.Simultaneously the clearing house sends a confirmation message to the merchant, indicating acceptance of the sale. The value of the transcation is then blocked from the credit limit of the customer.

At the end of a business day all transactions for the day are correlated and tallied. This is done by the merchant who calls the clearinghouse and checks up and tallies all transactions for the day(through the merchants computer or credit card terminal). Once the merchant and the clearinghouse have verified the transactions for the day and tallied the amounts involved, the clearinghouse processes the transfer of funds from the credit card holders account to the merchants bank account. As far as the credit card owner is concerned, once the sale is approved he can take the merchandise from the merchant establishment.

The Credit Card verification System (CCVS) is a refined form of software that uses your computer and modem. One can buy the software and use it as a credit card swipe box (also known as a Point of Sale [POS] terminal). A ccvs is a unique product by itself and can be used for several Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). This facilitates customization and integration with third party software applications or database products.

CCVS is safe, secure and easy to use. There is little or no chance that it can be corrupted. The ccvs makes use of ANSI C language and conforms to POSIX standards.

The ANSI C is a advanced programming language used in ccvs. It is also used in accounting software and gives excellent results.This programming language was defined by Walther Kernighan and Dennis Ritchie. Today ANSI C is most commonly used in hardware programming. . However, ANSI C scores over C++ because of its smart coding and high speed programming.

POSIX or "Portable Operating System Interface for UNIX" is the collective name of standards that define the application for software which is compatible with variants of the UNIX operating system .

The internet, modern operating systems and programming languages easily integrate with the ccvs. Its also light weight and portable. The ccvs is easy to use and can be programmed easily. CCVS can also be used to augment any application where Credit Cards are processed.

CCVS are used all over the world and can be used in other countries also.

A demonstration version of CCVS is included with Red Hat Linux software. The demo version is fully functional and can be used for testing CCVS.The demo version will do everything except contact your financial institution. Merchants do buy this to software as its very useful for them.

CCVS is versatile software. CCVS only needs to be installed on one computer. After installation the operators don't have to wait for an available phone line, for all their transactions will take place over the same phone.

CCVS can also be used to help automate billing. The database administrator of an ISP could write a Perl script and combine it with the CCVS Perl module. The required information can then be accessed every month or as and when required. The merchant can easily access the customer data, monthly billing, and updated records in the database.He can also access information on all payments recieved by him.

These are some of the examples of CCVS capabilities. CCVS can be used to enhance any aspect of your operations that require credit card processing. It is a vital tool in the use of Credit Cards. With 1.5 billion cards in circulation the need for proper verification cannot be underestimated. In fact its vital for the furtherance of the system of credit card usage for purchase. Its the tool for a sale to be authenticated. The ccvs interconnects with the merchant establishment, credit card holder and the bank or issuer of the credit card. In case this system is subverted then the results can be catastrophic.CCVS' many features include AVS ( Advanced Visual tools) for fraud protection, which allows merchants to check for stolen Credit Cards. Many clearinghouses offer a better rate to merchants even when they take orders over the phone, provided they have subscribed to AVS.

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