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Cheap Unsecured Loan

If you are a homeowner who does not want to pledge his house as collateral due to the fear of being repossessed or a tenant who does not have anything to offer as collateral then, in that case, cheapest unsecured loans could be an excellent choice for you if you are in search of low cost loans. Through cheapest unsecured loans you can get a higher amount of money at lower rate of interest.

cheap unsecured loans, as the name suggests, are unsecured loans which come at a low rate of interest. It might sound unbelievable to you, but in reality there are unsecured loans which are available on an interest rate which, can compete with the interest rates of secured loans. You just need to explore the lending market and if you have a good credit score then, there is no reason why you cannot get a cheap unsecured loan. Not only this, cheapest unsecured loans do not have any lengthy documentation process and therefore, are approved very quickly.

cheapest unsecured loans can be availed to serve various purposes like to pay off your high interest credit card bills, to refurnish your home, to pay college fees of your child or to buy a piece of land. Whatever, be the use, you can always take unsecured loans and meet them with comfort. Moreover, cheapest unsecured loans can be availed by salaried people, businessman, and retired people. These loans can also by people who have low credit score due to missed payments, default, Bankruptcy etc.

But you cannot get a low cost unsecured loan by merely applying for an unsecured loan with a lender. To avail cheapest unsecured loan, you need to know your needs first, then you need to understand the unsecured loan market, then you need to find out some of the cheapest unsecured loans deal and then only you can apply and avail a cheap unsecured loan. Lets look at each of the steps in detail:

• The first step is to understand your needs. It is of paramount importance to find out whether you actually need a loan or not and if yes, then of how much value. If you need a loan to renovate your home, then see whether your home actually needs a repair now or you can postpone it for sometime. On the other hand if you have huge credit card bills to pay, then you should immediately take an unsecured loan to clear your credit card debts.

• Now you need to know the amount of money you need to take as loan. The best way to

ascertain the amount of loan you can take is to note down your two months income and expenses. Experts recommend that your total outgoings for loans should be around 10 to 15 per cent of your monthly income. So, if you are earning $3,000 every month your monthly installments of different loans should be around $300 to $ 450.

• To avail cheapest unsecured loans you need to first understand the lending market. The lending market is very competitive especially, the unsecured one. Everyday you will find a new lender in the market and every week scores of new attractive unsecured loan packages are announced. These lenders compete against each other to get every new deal. To bring new customer to its fold, these lenders reduce the rate of interest, to the lowest possible extent. Some lenders go to an extent of waiving off the processing fees and other charges. Some lenders try to attract borrowers by giving them flexible repayment options including payment holidays.

• The nest step is to search for the cheapest unsecured loans but before that you should review your credit history. Your credit history is an important factor which the lenders review before approving your loan. Not only this, the rate of interest at which you are sanctioned a loan also depends on your credit score. Therefore, reviewing your credit score is of paramount importance. You can obtain a copy of your credit history from any credit agency operating in your area. By making a simple application, you can get a copy of your credit score. Check to find out whether all the information provided in it stands true. If you find any inaccuracy, promptly report it to the credit agency and get it corrected. Once your credit history gets corrected, get in touch with lenders. You can do this either by meeting their representatives or by simply visiting their official websites. Collect information on the rate of interest, loan period, documents needed and terms and conditions of the loan. Once, you have 6 to 7 loan offers in hand; compare them against their annual percentage rate.

• Once you have found a deal as per your requirements, contact the lender and negotiate to reduce the interest rate. If he agrees, then finalize the deal by filling up the application form. You can also make an online application by visiting their website and filling up a short application form. While you fill-up an online form always ensure that you give your contact numbers as well as correct postal address of your home. Also get a print of the online application form. Once your application is processed, the lender will get in touch with you and will complete the rest of the formalities. Soon, a sanction letter of a cheapest unsecured loan will reach you.

Some important points:-

1. Never disclose personal confidential information either on phone or via E-mail, fax etc.

2. Do not jump on the first offer you find attractive. You can surely manage a few days without a loan.

3. Discuss the loan matters with your family members. They have a stake in your life therefore; discussing it with them will only help you manage your finances better.

4. Talk to somebody whether a friend or a relative who has taken unsecured loans. He will definitely share his experiences which will guide you well.

5. Seek professional help if necessary. Even though they come at a price but if they can help you get a loan at lower rate it is good for you. Even a slight reduction in rate of interests can save hundreds of dollars.

6. Always remember that, an unsecured loan is a long time financial commitment. Therefore, whatever loan offer you select, you should be clear in mind about every aspect of it.

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