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Seattle Real Estate


Seattle, the Emerald City is the largest city in the state of Washington, US. The city is famous for its fresh seafood, bicycles, boats, computers, airplanes and high fashion living. In fact, Seattle is the center of economic, cultural and social issues in the Pacific Northwest. Its diversified lifestyle provides healthy and a balanced business environment to live in accord with people's individuality. Seattle has a total population of about half a million that supports the diversity of its residents. In addition, the city adds richness and sophistication to the life of people with its exceptional lifestyle, business, parks and other facilities.


Home in Seattle:

Seattle, ranked highly amongst the habitable cities in the world, provides great selection for having your residence in the city. Moreover, the city had undergone many changes during past twenty years with fresh business adding up in the last 10 years or so. This has facilitated the city with extensive business foundations in the recent years. Moreover, Seattle continues to be the city with strongest economy in the country. The Seattle Real Estate has had its great recovery with sport stadiums, restaurants, hotels, shopping centers which have created positive mark on the city. Its absolute beauty, growth and change make your life easy here. The city does provide wonderful neighborhoods with their own personality and appeal. Originally located in the central urban core near Elliott Bay, these neighborhoods departed from here during the early days. Also, Seattle's residential area spreads over Lake Washington to Mercer Island, Bellevue, Issaquah, Redmond, and Kirkland. Being made up of hills, it was the first area with supported views to be built with better homes. But nowadays, making home with view property has reduced in number and views add value to a home.


Real estate in Seattle:

Real estate business in Seattle has always been a popular over a long period of time and has also experienced a very fast and competitive housing market over the years. But time has changed every thing in recent years. Recently, the Seattle real estate market has under gone a downward flow resulting in change of market potent. As a result, buyers in many numbers have gone carried away with this market and paid too much. This has caused sellers to think beyond extremes as many of them rate their home to be worth much more than it actually is at this time. It also enabled the buyers to pay the demanding price and thus realized a great deal they have received after a period of six months. This has made the buyers and sellers to understand that every situation as different and needs to be approached accordingly in this ever-changing market. As every situation is different from the other, therefore, it is good for every one to get aware of the options they have in the business. As the first option you can decide to do everything by yourself or otherwise you need to do nothing on your own in this regard. But it is always good on your part to analyze your own state of affairs and analyze all your options to be a well-informed buyer.


Selecting Real Estate Agent in Seattle:

Choosing the right real estate agent for you is the crucial point that decides your purchase or sales of home in real estate marketing. Normally, an agent who is said to be good is supposed to have a sound knowledge in the real estate market and should be accustomed to its nuances and subtle changes. More importantly, their approach towards clients needs should be well thought out and documented so as to bring the desired result. In fact a good agent should fulfill some of the basic requirements that are discussed as follows. First, a good agent should have the business experience of at least 3 to 5 years.

Similarly, he should possess some of the higher labels, like Associate Broker, GRI, CRS, or ABR.
In fact, it is always good to have interview with agents whom you think the right agent so as to gain from your purchase. At the same time it is also advisable to work with agents who list properties and represent buyers as they will have the detailed view of the market. As finding a genuine Buyers Agent is an important decisions you can make, therefore, it is much needed to do it with good advice and guidance. Hence, interviewing five or six agents over the phone and actually sitting down with only two or at most three could be a suggested way of sorting out the best agent you are in search of. In the same way, selecting by the assistance of a managing broker in identifying expert in Buyer Agency could also work well for you.


Present market in Seattle:

The Seattle Real Estate market is better known for the frequent changes that occur similar to that of a stock market. And these changes in Seattle real estate market occur right through the year and sometimes even throughout the month. But both the buyers and sellers have their turn of favorable months through the year in marketing. Therefore, it is always better for buyers to seek a Seattle buyer's agent to help them with their long term familiarity with the Seattle Real Estate market and its history.

Starting from the year 1995 to 2000, real estate market in Seattle has undergone a rapid and competitive housing and condo market. Apart from being an overall "sellers market" since 1996 the market began to change in April 2000. But the condition remained same till the next six months, thereby making people unaware of the change that has taken place in the market. During that period, the prices went down from 5% to 7% at the same time marketing times increased from 5 days to 30+ days. These changes forced the many of the sellers to sell their houses for too little at the same time some went with aggressive but appropriate price for the market conditions. This enabled them to sell their home on the very first day for reasonably profitable price due to a bidding war. But conditions have changed from then on causing the market to experience a price drop of 5% to 7% in 2001. This has also increased the marketing time from just a few days to 30 to 45 days.