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Real Estate


We need a house to live. This is the third necessity for human existence. We need to make it as a secured property as well as a permanent shelter. The property is immovable and very strong support of a residential identity.

The real estate is the market for selling and buying of properties: lands and houses. We come across to a real estate group or agent for selling and buying purposes. This business is widely popular and spreading all over the world. Nowadays, the business is networked and well communicated to provide a wide service to global people.


Real estate Agent

A real estate agent is a sales person, who sales directly or behalf of the owner of the property. They are well known to each issue concern to the land/house properties. They advice and guide the customer and owner how to make a deal. In modern time they are using updated information center to provide a better service. So the entire market is carried by them. There are two types of agents, "Buyer's Agents" and "Seller's Agents". A buyer has to contact the Buyer Agent and a seller (owner) has to contact a Seller's Agents. The real estate agent’s office is a common place to get both agents. Some places, they are called Real estate consultants.



A Realtor is an agent represents to a real estate company, who follow a strict code of ethics beyond state license laws. When you decide to sell your home, you have to communicate to the best realtor, who can represent you to do an effective market their property. In the same way when you want to buy a home, you need to contact the best one to get you a best property. To catch a realtor, you need to advertise or read advertisement from real estate classified column. The other way to get, you can check any list of agents or selling agents. From the category of seller, you can find the seller agent and from the buyer category you can find a buyer agent.


Purchase is an Investment

Purchasing a home/land is a slow and safe investment. This will be a future immovable property, which will have no depreciations rather incrementing (i.e. annual return on investment comes around twenty-five percent as benefit.). The valuation increases along with the neighbor and regions. It may be a substitute of a fixed deposit/bond. So it is important that before a huge investment, every issue should be clarified and investigated. For purchasing a property, you may make mortgage payments, paying property taxes, along with a couple of other costs. However, since the interest on your mortgage and your property taxes are both tax deductible, the government is essentially subsidizing your home purchase. Your rate of return when buying a home is higher than most any other investment you could make


Saves Income Tax

Government has subsidized on purchasing a home. The amount you paid for purchasing a home can be

shown as investing like paying premium to insurance companies. Because you purchase the house paying monthly/yearly, so the yearly tax calculation will cover (deduct) the amount (with interest) paid for purchasing home, from your total income source for the year. That will be reflected on your total taxable amount to Income Tax department.


Housing Costs Benefit

An own house reduces your monthly expenditures and gives you a stable accommodation. The reasons are: for rented house you have to pay an incremental amount to the house owner every year. That may be a percent or a fixed amount along with your previous years

rate. The owner does not permit you to continue more than a contract period or agreement with the same rent amount. So you have to vacate the house as per conditions applied by the owner. This repeats after every term completion. This difficulty matters to the tenant repeatedly. To avoid this periodic problem, purchasing a house is a good idea. Your can use the house property as a mortgage to get any further finance; you need not to pay high interest rate against a loan.


Freedom & Individualism

Definitely, your own house and land give you a freedom and individuality. In a rented house you are limited to improve and modify your house whatever you want. You have to adjust in the pre-sized rooms, veranda, storage area, hall etc. Even if you convinced to the landlord to change or modify something in the house, still you have to bear the expenditure also. You do not have better space and freedom being a tenant. When you have decided to own a house, you need to ask to the seller, the background of the house, construction condition, material used and value your money spent on it. A simple offer may not bias you to buy in a hurry. Before you get a freedom, no any issue should not bother you later stage or just after buying the property paying a huge amount. Buying a home gives different profits to both buyer and seller. Both the part should look into the detail behind such as relevant documents, position and legal aspects.


Possessing and Verification

Your dream comes true, when you really in a position to occupy the house/land property. At the time of possessing you need to check the terms and conditions offered at the time of agreement/purchase. The real estate group has a number of clients to deal. So there is a possibility of missing of any condition you supposed to avail. The paper and the physical condition somehow may be different. To avoid such inevitable issues, the would-be permanent occupier should verify the situations.

Before taking the possession, a thorough verification should be completed to avoid any ambiguity. The verification includes: land measurement, area of construction, legal clearance and entities associated. Because, purchasing a real estate property is not happened regularly. Your mind may miss something that brings you problem later on. Better if you can have a report on the verification that can be tally with your received offer. Hence, you can negotiate again with the seller. The physical condition you should go for verification such as: roof, electrifications, plumbing (sewerage, water lines, over head tank), fixtures (electrical, furniture), carpentry works, and painting, pre-monsoon precaution, approaching roads, flooring, leakages, Elevator (if) etc. A thorough verification also needed for safety arrangements also.