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Christmas Lights

Christmas lights

The day December 25 is celebrated as the birth of Jesus Christ. People from all over the world celebrate this festival with great enthusiasm. People enjoy this festival with great zest and delight. People make many preparations before the festival actually starts. Shopping, decoration,

preparing dishes is all-necessary to do before Christmas arrives. The day of Christmas is the most important for all the Christians. All the people of the world celebrate this fest today, irrespective to their religion. Home decoration is the important thing that everyone has to do.

Important factor, decoration

As the Christmas is upcoming, decorating your home is necessary and is

also important. Every member takes part in the decoration for Christmas decoration willingly. One of the most important things needed for decoration is lights. Lights add to the charm of the decoration. Lights could be used for decorating your home indoor as well as outdoor, also decorating your Christmas tree. Lightning has almost taken over Christmas candles these days as they last for a longer time and do not need maintenance. Christmas trees look more captivating and smolder with the Christmas lights decorated on them. Selecting appropriate lights, their colors and sizes and shapes, is truly very important to make your Christmas tree look more beautiful.

Christmas light

During Christmas, houses are decorated using different décor materials to make the house look beautiful and attractive. Using lights for home decoration would be a best idea for making it look shimmering. Christmas lights of different colors set up an impression of festivity. Red, green, and copper are the most frequently used colors. Green and blue add up gentleness to the Christmas lightning that is used in order to decorate your home. Five colored Christmas lights are used as ornaments for the decoration of Christmas tree. For making the lighting look more elegant one, you could use the monochromatic scheme for the Christmas lights for home decor. For the indoor light décor, you could use less watt bulbs and for the outdoor higher watt, bulbs could be used. Christmas lightning goes further than the modern electrical illumination. Candles are also used at a great range for lightning in Christmas. In the markets today, various kinds of candles are available varying in their shapes and sizes. There are also scented candles available that give light with addition to the fragrances. You can also make handmade candles for the home décor. Different accessories for the candles could be bought which are available in the market.


The most common color combinations appropriate for the Christmas season include many color but the most uncommon colors are red, mauve, and blue for the light decoration of your home. Different combinations for your Christmas tree decoration could be used. Any color light with the combination of white color does not show up. Dip the socket end of the light bulb in the petroleum jelly before fitting it into the socket string, for best results as it prevents from corrosion also making it easier to pull the bulb out from the socket. In order to avoid short circuits, tape down all the connections carefully. Keep the light string high on the tree in order to keep out of reach of children.