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Different Kind of bags A bag is some sort of a container, which is typically used for holding or storing something. They are made up of different kind of materials that are usually flexible and non-rigid sort, such as, plastic, paper, cloth, jute, leather etc. There may be one or two handles or none at all. A zipper closes most of the bags. Some may have Velcro, magnets, buttons or they are simple folded up as it is done in the case of paper bags. A moneybag or a travel bag will always have some sort of a lock system.

When we talk about baseball bags, we most likely connect almost everything with it. With a lot of technological innovation happening everywhere around us, everything has been changed and replaced with some handy gadget or the other. But a bag is perhaps one thing that has got no technological substitute for it. In fact even techno gadgets need to be carried around in bags. They are universal and present everywhere around us. In our day-to-day regular life, we always carry some type of a bag either on our shoulders or hanging on our wrist.

Bags are intended to carry a whole lot of things, right from lipsticks to mountaineering gear. Bags can be of different type, from small ones like, a purse that is used for putting small objects or money in pockets, to large ones like a suitcase, which is use while traveling. The common ones that are used in everyday life are either paper bags or plastic bags, which are used for shopping purposes. Some other types of bags are: Corn bags, Bat bags, baseball bags etc.

Corn Bags

A corn bag is just a flannel sack that is filled with rinsed and dried deer corn and then sewed up. These bags are excellent for:

- To lessen the pain in case of arthritis.

- To provide relief to sore muscles.

- To be used as hand warmers for anyone who wears gloves in the cold.

- Preventing cold feet in bed.

- To keep food warm on the table.

- Can also be frozen and then used as ice packs.

Corn bags can be heated and then placed on your bed, under the covers in order to have a nice and warm bed at sleep time. A warm corn bag just needs to be slipped between the sheets a few minutes before going to bed. During winter, these bags are great to be used, to snuggle up with on cold nights, and to help ease sore muscles. To use them hot, they need to be placed in the microwave for 2 to 4 minutes. Corns heated in the microwave retain moisture and stays warm for a minimum of 30 minutes. To use them cold, they need to be placed in the freezer for an hour, depending on the requirement. The corn inside the bags are dried, cleaned and treated in order to prevent them from popping in the microwave and will not spoil or not. Hence these bags can be used and enjoyed for years to come.

Corn bags are a great gift idea, for family, friends, colleagues and others. They are non-toxic and can be wonderful gifts for anyone suffering from an injury, migraine, sinus pain, menstrual cramps, pregnancy aches & pains and bruises. The bags can be put in the microwave or freezer, depending on the ailment or injury. As they re filled with corn, they mould according to the shape of the body and this makes them just right for headaches, back pain, knee pain etc.

Without an injury also, these bags can be used to take the chill off during winter, or to cool off in the summer. They can be taken along while watching outdoor sporting events or games, for respite from the hot or cold weather. The bags stay hot or cold on an average of 1-2 hours. They are also safe for use in strollers and car seats for babies during harsh winter times. They can also be used as a bun & bread warmer on dinner tables as well as to keep the food in cooler either hot or cold on summer picnics, etc.

A good thing about these corn bags is that they don't cause a fire risk like common electric heating pads. Their heat

is consistent with no sudden ups & downs, unlike electrical heating pads. This makes them safe to be used by the elderly, young children, and even pets. The bags can be heated up and placed in pets bed to be used as pets bed warmer. They are great for keeping young puppies and kittens warm and pet owners happy.

But corn bags have to handled with care. If they are over heated and then placed directly on the skin, it may cause severe burns. A blanket or a towel may be wrapped around it for added protection. It is always preferred not to wash corn bags. If it spoils, it is better to make another new one and also a slipcover to go over it.

Sports Bags

These bags are very useful for people who are into sports. All sorts of sports prerequisites can be carried that is required for a sports person. They are not huge but carry much in capacity. They are usually used to carry water dispenser, clothes for changing or other sports supplies. There are some particular bags for specific sports like baseball bags, bat bags, cricket bags etc.

Baseball Bag

A baseball equipment bag has an elongated bag portion that is made of a flexible material. It also has a considerably planer inside layer within the elongated bag portion, that is permanently secured to it. A detachable panel is able of being detached to fully expose the interior shelf to a large extent. This panel can be removed for the purpose of commercial printing. The equipment bag has a bat compartment with two openings so that a bat can have access from either of the openings. When not in use, it crumples to a considerably flat design.

Bat Bag

These bags are designed to suit all types of players. The baseball bags have a bat compartment that usually holds from two to five bats. Most of the bags have several storage compartments, inside flexible storage pouches, and vertical hanging clips. They have easy access storage compartments to keep footwear and also a mesh panel for ventilation purpose. Also they have a rubberized PVC bottom and are water resistant.