Group auto insurance

The Auto Insurance policy is a contract between the individual and the insurance company for protecting his life and belongings in case of accident or theft. The individual pays a premium to the insurance company either as a lump sum or in periodical installments. The insurance company undertakes to pay him the compensation for financial losses caused by the vehicle. In some states it is mandatory to have liability coverage for the losses to self that may occur due to involvement in a road accident. These may cover the individual and the passengers for the medical expenses and other related expenses for injuries irrespective of who caused the accident it may cover the other party involved in the accident also. There is the no-fault insurance cover which is ideal for all.

Group Insurance

The group insurance is an employer sponsored program in which the employees avail the voluntary insurance. This program offers discounted rates for the group. The groups may be employees of an organization or some members of a group engaged in an economic activity. The group auto insurance schemes have matured substantially to cater to various specific needs of members of groups or employees.

Group auto insurance: MetLife

MetLife is a leading insurance company in the US with more than 875,000 current group insurance policies and over 2,100 companies participating in these programs. It has the insurance rating of ?A?. This program is selected by the employers for its employees to offer discounted group rates of insurance cover. This program is voluntary to fulfill the personal insurance needs of the employees which otherwise would not be affordable for them. The employees get more out of the group insurance than a mere insurance cover. They offer beneficial Auto and Home insurance to the employees in various unique combinations which are not available elsewhere. They offer a no-obligation premium quote making the enrolling process easy and quick. By clicking on the Instant Auto Quote the customer can request the relevant information according to his needs and get the quote instantly. This way one can decide if switching to MetLife is beneficial.

The program features of MetLife Group auto insurance

1. The MetLife Auto & Home group insurance programs consist of various policies that give protection to the insurer?s properties. The insurance covers Cars, Home, Boat, Recreational Vehicle, Rental Dwelling, Renter ?s Dwelling, Condo, Mobile house, Personal Excess Liability (Umbrella) and Fire accidents etc. This program is available in most of the states in the US. There are certain eligibility criteria for availing this insurance program.

2. Anyone who is sponsored by his employer or the group he belongs to is eligible for this program. The main advantage for taking this program is the low rates offered for the group. Some other special features unique to this program are also available to them. The payment terms are very convenient such as payroll deduction and Express Wherever it is in force.

3. The MetLife customer service is world class and the insurer is assured of getting the best out of his insurance policy. This dependable and committed customer service is available round the clock and their claim reporting service is available round the clock. They have extended business hours to serve people who need to have the service beyond normal working hours.

4. In most of the states, there are special auto insurance rates for groups who park their cars in garages. The other condition to be eligible for the special rate is to choose the premium payment option of payroll deduction which assures a prompt and regular payment. This facility can be opted wherever it is available. There is another facility for payment of premium which is the checking account deduction which automatically deducts the premium amount and pays for the insurance policy. Those who have served the company for more then 3 years also get a special discount on their group auto insurance policies.

5. Special discounted rates are available to groups with special criteria like Superior Driver, cars with anti-theft devices, those with safety devices like anti lock brakes, air bags etc., Good students and resident students.

Aviva Traders Group Auto Insurance

The Aviva Traders Group Auto Insurance program is specially meant for the members of credit union. This program offers competitive group rates, excellent service and also offer value added products. The client of this group auto insurance program can get the following benefits :

1. Multi vehicle discount for those who insure more than one vehicle.

2. Multi-line discount for different types of policies.

3. Mature citizen discount for the senior citizens.

4. Anti-theft discount for protecting vehicle and belongings against theft or burglary.

5. Loyalty discount for extended years and renewals.

6. Claims-free discount for those with no record of claims for consecutive years.

7. Short commute discount for vehicles used for shorter than normal distances.

8. Optional six-star protection endorsement.

9. Aviva Road Assist Program.

G&F Financial Group Auto Insurance

G&F Financial Group Insurance Services Ltd. claim that insurance is their only business which is reason enough for the customer to know that his insurance interests are in the expert hands. Their service is backed by brokers who are fully accredited and committed to guide and help the customers to choose the right policy with the best features, terms and rates. Their offices are located in the neighborhoods of Vancouver and Richmond. They offer their customers with other value added services like vehicle transfers, issuing license plates, temporary operating permits and many more. They also provide home, life, auto, travel and commercial insurance with their vast experience and reputation to cover all sections of the public. There is the promise of expert handling of all your auto insurance needs.

The group auto insurance programs are boon to those who cannot afford the high cost of having individual insurance policies for their various insurance needs. With their low rates and other extra benefits, they protect the individual against losses caused by their vehicles. They get to enjoy more benefits for being in a group which cannot be available to them otherwise. The group auto insurance is ideal for anyone who is serving in a company that sponsors group auto insurance for its employees or if he belongs to a group which is thoughtful to give insurance cover to its members.

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