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A home insurance policy is a contact that is signed between a homeowner and an insurance company for the protection of your house and belongings. You are required to pay premiums every month towards the home insurance policy and in return the company would pay for the financial losses associated with your house. The home insurance policy is a legal contract and mentions the rights and responsibilities of the person buying it as well as the insurance company . Before you sign the contact you should read it carefully and understand all the points in it. In case you are unable to understand any clause that is mentioned in the policy then you should ask the insurance company representative .

Moreover you should meet your homeowner insurance provider every year and make sure that your policy provides the required coverage. If you are making any changes in your house then also you are required to inform your homeowners insurance company.

Getting homeowner insurance for your house can be expensive especially in case of old houses. However there are a number of ways in which you can save money on your homeowner insurance. These include:

Shopping around: You should get home insurance quotes from at least 3-4 companies or you can also opt to take an insurance from a third party company that would provide you with unbiased information and give you answers correctly.

Increase your deductible: Deductible is the amount that you have to pay before the insurance company pays your claim if any damage occurs to your house. If you increase your deductible then your monthly premium payments towards the policy will be low. It is advised that you raise your deductible till $500.

Adding protection features: If you add things like storm windows or shatter proof glass or protection devices like burglar alarm, fire alarm etc. this can reduce your premiums.

Buy different insurance policies from same company : If you take other insurance policies like auto, health or life insurance from the same company as you are taking the homeowner insurance then you can get discount on your homeowner insurance.

Insure your house not the land: It is important that when you consider taking insurance for your house rather than the land because it is the house that can undergo damage and not the land.

Understanding your homeowners insurance policy

When you take a homeowner insurance policy then it is important that you understand what coverage you have. Most of the policies have a specific amount of coverage for the house and other for the contents of the house.

Usually the coverage for the house is based on the replacement costs. This indicates that in case of any damage the policy would provide reimbursement for replacing the structure that has been damaged. It is advised that the homeowner should buy policy at least of the amount that he or she can rebuild the house. This value is different from the original price of the house and its actual market value.

To assess the amount of homeowners insurance you should take you are required to make an actual appraisal of the house for the replacement costs. You can do this with the help of your insurance company. It is usually recommended by the insurance companies that the house should of insured 100% of its replacement value.

The coverage for personal property is different. Most of the policies will provide you with the actual value coverage for the personal property, which includes the depreciation or the full value content without depreciation. However, it is advised that the personal property should be insured for the replacement costs rather than the actual costs.

Home insurance companies San Antonio

Before you take up San Antonio home insurance you should make sure that you get quotes from different companies. There are quite a number of companies that give out homeowner insurance and hence you should make sure that you get quotes from each company so that you can decide on which company is giving you the best price for the maximum relevant coverage. Some of the insurance companies in San Antonio are mentioned below. You can approach them for getting a home insurance.

Liberty Mutual Group:

They are a diversified insurance group and offer a range of insurance products. They provide you home insurance according to your needs and can help you in getting the best coverage at affordable premiums. You can contact them at San Antonio, TX; 700 N. St. Mary\'s Street; phone: 210-527-9497

Becky Schneider & Paul Harris: They are MetLife home insurance agents functioning in San Antonio. You can get details about the insurance offered by them by visiting them at 4207 Gardendale, Ste 102B; San Antonio, TX 78229; Phone: Becky: (210) 249-2142; Paul: (210) 249-2144; Fax: (210) 249-0110,


They have been providing home insurance since 1978. They help you in finding the right coverage for your house and at the right price. For more details on their offer you can contact them at Toll Free: 1.800.527.0066 | Local: 210.525.1241; 9311 San Pedro | Suite 600 | San Antonio, TX78216.

Texans Choice Insurance Agency:

They provide online quotes for home insurance and other insurances also. They have different packages and to know about them you can contact them at 13409 NW Military, Suite 308 | San Antonio, Texas 78231 | (210) 492-7000.

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