This page can be used to send yourself one-time or recurring e-mail reminders of important events. Click "Save" when you're done filling in the event details. Each reminder will re-explain that it can be canceled at any time by revisiting this page, clicking "Account Options" , and then clicking:  "List Pending Reminders"
E*Reminder System
Account Options    Help Advanced settings:
Date Select the date you want this E*Reminder to occur.    Recurring event: Yes, every
Time Select the time you want this E*Reminder to occur.   
Advance notice:Yes, please

in advance.
PasswordThe password you'll use to protect access to your E*Reminder events.   
E-Mail To: Enter your E-mail address here.   
Event Name Briefly describe this event - this will become the subject of your E-mail reminder.   
Message   Thoroughly describe your E*Reminder event - this will become the body of your E-mail message.     Click Save to store/activate your E*Reminder.