Student loan company uk

Availing students loan in UK is a hassle free task. There are numerous companies offering student loans in UK. Student loan company is one of them. Student loan company works on the principle of government aided loans. Hence, there is no complication to avail the same. Student loan company has a tie up with various educational institutes of UK. Thus providing with all types student loans. The main motive of the company is to provide loans to all classes of students.


Student loan company of UK offers loans according to type of needs. From tuition fee to scholarships to living costs, everything is included. However, most of the students of UK opt for living and maintenance loans. It is mainly opted by students who are at a undergraduate level. There are some prerequisites to avail this type of loan. The important factor is your residential place. Based on that particular area, loan may be decided. Other factor taken into consideration is the type of course you are into. There are different amounts of loans at undergraduate level. The minimum amount of maintenance loan for students of UK starts from one thousand pounds. But, at post graduate level, maximum amount you can avail is two thousand pounds.


Another type of loan is tuition fee loan. In your basic academic needs, tuition fees plays a vital role. Company grants different types of loans in terms with tuition fees. The minimum amount of tuition fees loan starts from one thousand pounds. And, maximum amount of tuition fees loan is three thousand pounds. The rate of interest in the case of tuition fees loan starts from 4.8%.Repayment of the loan depends on the amount of the loan taken. The minimum repayment tenure starts from one year. Apart from tuition fees loan, part time tuition fees loan is also available. If you need a small amount of loan in terms with your tuition fees. It is subject to course and need of your amount.


There are other types of loans offered by the company in terms with basic needs. Company offers loans to disabled students without any prior conditions. The minimum amount of loan for disabled students starts from one thousand pounds. And, maximum amount of loan available is six thousand pounds. But, this type of loan is available in case of educational purpose only. There are no special provision in case of living costs of disabled students.


Other than this, company offers adult dependant loan to dependant of student over eighteen years of age. The minimum amount available is one thousand pounds. And, maximum amount available is two thousand five hundred pounds. Other loans include special child care loan and student travel loan. Student loan company UK offers range of loans with simple conditions. Thus, students of UK can choose loans according to their individual wants.


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