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To all the students who either love travelling, stay out of there place for studies or if their studies are associated with some kind of touring or moving regularly from one place or the other, there is good news from airlines industry which is of a benefit to almost all the students out there. I have been a student myself staying away from my family and my studies of journalism definitely demanded a lot of travelling from one place or the other.


I have very closely observed the life of a student and I very well understand how hard it is for all the students to keep saving the money which we either earn from a part-time job or get some financial aid from our parents. Airlines have finally decided to oblige the community of students by cutting down the student airline fares by a large amount. No matter which airline you decide to fly with, there is an attractive package for students in almost all the airline services available out there. So, you can definitely save a lot of money by taking advantage of the discounted student airline fares that are offered by your favorite airlines.


Well, the reason for this is quite clear. The airline companies are not only targeting students because they travel in large groups but also because they are the future job holders or business operators in the country so they are simply putting the flesh into the cat\'s mouth, looking forward to a long-lasting consumer retention. No matter what the reason might have been, if an opportunity is granted by the airlines, students have no point wasting a chance. So, here is an article which will throw some light on the prospects of student airline ticket discounts.


You might not always have an idea about when you and your friends are planning to get into the car and move out of town for weekend. The reason why flying is preferred is quite simple. When we travel by car, the drivers waste a ton of time rushing on the road getting angry at other drivers, travelling by taking the advantage of the cheap student airline ticket fares enables us to bask in the sun and enjoy cold drinks at your weekend location. I remember one of my vacations with friend when 2 of our friend could not make up for the trip as all of us were so tightly packed in two cars and being students, we really could not afford to arrange or hire a third car.


You be the judge. Save money and fly a plane or waster money and time and drive a car. I will continue to stay on the gravy train for as long as I can and as long as I have my student card I have cheap student airline fares at my finger tips.


Here is s list of a few student travel agencies that can arrange an airline student ticket for you at a discounted rate with the least botheration that you will need to carry. So simply go through the following information and choose the right website or a travel agency to buy the cheap airline student ticket.


STA Travels


The world\'s largest travel agency website famous among students, STA Travel has a well-equipped student airfare search engine. The website is an easy approach to plenty of student travel scraps and core information about travelling. The slogan "fares that rock" does not only attract but also influence students.


Student Universe


Student Universe is another great choice to find the right student airline fare information through the internet. Student Universe has the company motto "Students Fly Cheaper" and they come up to that maxim. The website demands a simple signing-up procedure that will provide you with a username and a password. This procedure is free of cost and you must have gone through a similar process in many other online practices.




Travelosophy is an online travel service that provides special fares and discounts to the students and the teachers who travel abroad. These discounted student airline charges present flexibility in travel like one-way fares, date alters, open return tickets and a grand destination network. The access to the travelsophy is limited to the students, teachers and other professionals associated with the academics.


Travel Cuts


This travel agency is based in Canada where are almost the maximum number of foreign students. Travel Cuts provides a service which is only one of its kind. In addition to the regular flight search, it provides information about various adventure trips and group tours to different locations. This will help you plan a better holiday if you have details of local holidays, fairs and festivals and other events at different places that you wish to travel to.


International Student


International Student is a trusted travel website for students. It provides cheap and affordable student airline tickets. They also provide you with travel insurance and they keep track of many other important concerns for students while travelling.


Premier Travel


Premier Travel bills itself as a complete service providing online travel agency. Premier travel is affiliated with USTN (University and Student Travel Nationwide) an association of all the major travel agencies who are specialized in Student airline travel. They also provide an online currency exchange calculator to help the student budget their trip well.




Priceline is not a specialized student travel website but they provide us with good travel ticket deals and fair prices that are suitable to students. Priceline website caters to a larger group of target customers and is successful so far in providing nice and useful travel information worldwide.


Bottom Line


This is a useful website to compare and contrast the online travel expenses and other information about travelling through international as well as domestic airlines.


Research well before travelling and wishing you a great flight!


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