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Are you worried about your bad or a poor credit Stop doing that. Wipe out your worries by approaching a mortgage loan lender to help you out of the troubles. Be it any type of the financial product you have applied for your credit rating is checked. This is to know about the amount of reliability the lenders can thrust on you and the worthiness of the risk taken in lending you. The lender senses your application by making a through study of the financial position you are right now in, based on your income and the outgoings.

A detailed credit check is carried out using the major credit reference agencies. A wide range of information is collected from them about those asking for the credit and grading is done based on how good or bad a credit risk taker you are. The past problems if any with a financial provider will all be presented in the report from the agencies. Some lenders might reject your request for loan. Beware of such lenders, as all these rejects also count for your credit rating and spoils your chances of getting a mortgage.

A bad credit record never means that you are not entitled for a mortgage. It is just a matter of the higher interest rate on your mortgage payments that should matter. A Mortgage broker can help you in choosing a lender.

Borrow and earning are correlated

Yes, of course these two go hand in hand in deciding about the amount of loan you are eligible to. This depends on

1. Your earnings

2. Worth of the property you want to buy

3. The mortgage lenders assessment on your affordability

Your earnings: The lender has a rule of thumb that says your borrowings can be three and a half times

your annual earnings or even to four times, if you have a good mortgage broker. However for a couple to know about the borrowing extent a couples mortgage loan calculator can help them out. Advanced credit rating methods are used to examine your income and your outgoings. Borrowers are under various circumstances with various types of needs. People are lent even five times their income.

Worth of the property you want to buy: The lenders generally lend up to 75% of the property's value, and in some cases even up to 90 or 95 %. This is known as the Loan to Value ratio. A 100% mortgage is also possible where you are probably forced to buy mortgage indemnity insurance. Under Special rules a few are even lent an amount more than 100%.the value of the property differs from area to area. The lender has all the right to refuse a loan, if the property isn't expensive enough for the area.

The mortgage lenders assessment on your affordability: Watch out. Get a mortgage within your budget to save yourself from the trouble; as you will also have to pay the other costs involved in buying your home and its future running. All expenses related to the house hold bills and any other debts will all be in your outgoings list. Lenders estimate this by checking your average outgoings. You might even be asked to fill in a questionnaire for certain details either by hand or on the phone or online etc.

Choose your Mortgage type:

Innumerable numbers of types of mortgages are available in the fray. It may however just be some variations on the few types of mortgages. To pick the one you want decide upon the one you dont want. This shortlists and helps you of mortgages that you will bother considering. Work with an Independent Financial Adviser (IFA), or a mortgage broker, to advise you on the best type of mortgage for your needs. Choose the best buy.

In finding your Mortgage you need to initially Compare mortgages. Being a buyers market all you need is to Shop around for a best pick. Your money has to face a lot of competition. Never pick the one that comes first thinking that you are not worth the buy and be under loss. A lender wants you; hence he would even offer you a huge loan.

Comparison; is the most important doing to be considered in picking up the mortgage type or of the lender. Watch that you do not take the first mortgage going. Come across for a loss leader. Never be carried away by low interest rates. Always make a minimum of at least three comparisons.

Save thousands by getting a shorter mortgage term:

A mortgage lender should be giving you different types of terms of loan and its period. A buy might cost you two or three times the price you paid. Let us consider that you borrowed 100,000 to buy a house; it easily ends up in paying back up to 250,000 over the mortgage period. The reason being, the effect paying interest much and more lies on your mortgage repayments. Monthly payments though will be on a higher side yet normally ends up a much less of interest.

Let us call a situation where you might have borrowed 120,000 over 25 years at an interest rate of 10%; and this is on a normal repayment mortgage basis. In this case you might be paying around 500 a month. This monthly repayment amount when increased to 600 a month means then your mortgage is settled by the term of 15 years or so. You might have even saved some amount on the same. The mortgage lenders are always there to work such possibilities out for you. You should be able to get a clear picture of

• Various mortgage periods, i.e. repaying the loan over 25 years, 20 years, 15 years and so on.

• Affordable monthly repayments amounts

• A sum up of what you repayment would be like at the end of the mortgage period.

The mortgage lender's can very easily work it out for you as they would not like to lose the business. Always keep a check over what ever the amount you pay in.

Role of Mortgage Broker:

The most convenient way for most of the people is to approach the mortgage broker. Spadework done by them costs you nothing; as they are in turn paid for this by the mortgage lender. Lenders to avoid this would always like you to approach them direct and find a better deal. The best option that lies in your hands is choose the best quote by way of comparisons as there are a lot of choices lying in your front online.

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