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* Divine madness

In a human, there exists human-ness, in man man-ness, in a woman woman-ness or so Plato proclaimed. Human-ness is universalit is the epitome of the heavens, but a human being is flawed this flaw pierces humanities soul the grandeur the ecstasythe stenchof MONEY!

The weapon of power, the incarnation of capitalism, the harbinger of daylight and the pillar of this earth; Money is placed on a pedestal like no other, dictating terms and changing lives. So how do we really evaluate the price of money When it by definition is the perpetual reality of value in itself Or does it compensate our capabilities The risk reward ratio is so skewed that money is the material shape of principle. The principle being trade and beyond. I say beyond because todays markets play on foreign exchange, money markets, debt markets, commodity and derivative markets and the ever-present equities. The basic essence of this structure is the exchange of value for value.

The Malthusian legacy states that population grows geometrically, but natural resources are scarce and increase arithmetically; hence, the price demanded for these resources amplifies in value creating a multiplier effect on substitute and complementary goods, this in turn leads to expensive money. Therefore, money is a recognized value for the exchange of commodities and services. If there was no commonly accepted unit for these transactions, then the hymn of war would be eminent.

The strength of currencies are derived from the underlying assumption that Co-operation is easier and conflicts are limited when people share convictions this is when the global perspective comes into foreplay. These standards and values stem from culture and culture expresses freedom to individuality. The media drives individuality, societal norms are a shadow of countries, and dominant countries control weaker ones, thereby power rules the world and rules the global perspective of ethics. It is global ethics that reeks of the ability to play god. This is an ambient powerhouse of Money and this money is richer than others! The euro or dollar is more potent than the rupee or rand a plausible explanation are economic factors for after all, Prosperity begets prosperity. Money is not an omen; the guise it hides behind is the ethics of money. The endeavor to be earned for wealth is legitimate and it defines a mans standing in the world.

Absolute power corrupts absolutely; hence logically money has the ability to corrupt souls. But ability is the forerunner to responsibility and wisdom. Perhaps, the greatest minds of our time could have succumbed to the mistress of money and lay claim to fail but instead they wielded this power to generate integrity proving money does not corrupt but enhances ones present state.

Though we are plagued by constant doubt of avarice, the intense desire to accumulate

wealth and the art of wealth collection. Greed devours reason and wades through discernment desiring money without purpose or without passion. This form of envy has wrought anarchy on the world of men since the dawn of time spewing its vengeance in the name of money. To be rewarded for ones capabilities is legitimate, but to coerce money at the expense of others is greed. Greed is the product of insecurity and haplessness.

The paradigm of change is upon us, where instead of condemning money we can attune ourselves to use it as a tool of freedom freedom from the pecuniary purpose for which it breathes; so as to transcend its limitless potential. After all, the more you give, the more you receive.

Is success synonymous with money People believe that a leaders bank balance judges success. If that were the case then perhaps, Abdul Kalam, Thomas Edison or Mother Teresa would be gold mines! Therefore, Money cannot make you successful alone, a plethora of factors such as intellect; a sense of self, duty and greatness are the key to absolute triumph. Money helps one climb the ladder to success, but a leader determines if the ladder is leaning against the right wall!

What it finally boils down to is that business of business is money and the demand of money has varied over the last 30 years. Paper money is no longer a stand-alone; it is backed by an army of innovation. Gold, bank notes, commercial papers, credit cards, debit cards, cheques, electronic transfers, treasury bills, bonds, commodity money, fiat money, stocks etc just graze the tip of the iceberg. These are investments, to mobilize cash reserves.

The fall of the Soviet Union, the crisis in the Middle East, in Asia created due to money, money supply and commodity prices! A simple piece of paper is worth the rise and fall of nations! Monetarism is an economic theory, which predominantly deals with the supply and demand for money and is the basis of the functioning of the global economy. Banknig, insurance, are by products of this modest creation heralding new beginigs, new indusrtires, more employment and progress.

Why is money so very important - is it because it is a medium of exchange, a unit of account, a store of value The importance is magnified not only because of its intrinsic nature and convenience, but because it poses as a lifeline to the capitalistic society of today. The dilemma of Good money versus bad money is still debatable but the real enigma is capitalistic humanity. Do capitalists use money as a source of exploitation The answer to the question is an anomaly. They may claim that the ultimate goal is progress but money is an intrinsic part of achieving such an elaborate goal. This perhaps, carries a weight of honesty but the reality will remain a close kept secret a secret that is a beginning with no end, and an end to no beginning.

The future of money is a saga of continuance - a torch that shall be passed on from one form to another - be it paper to plastic, bullion to silver and this shall continue at the pace at which human-ness is achieved the reality closest to perfection. In 2006, the currency markets trade over $1trillion everyday and gold is valued at $3.5 trillion, is man reverting back to the age of gold

Divinity in all its virtue has prophesized the Money madness would eventually engulf the world in war and mayhem. Stephen Covey stated- that we simply assume the way we see things is the way they really are or should be and our attitudes and behaviors grow out of these assumptions. But we must transcend our perspectives and realign them to an interdependent paradigm. The problem does not lie with money per say, but in our perspective towards it. Money is the result in this journey of life not the achievement! True greatness bringeth true happiness. The enigma of money is a creation of perception. After all, money cannot buy you happiness, but it can definitely make you a lot happier!

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