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Payday loans are small and short-term loans and completely depend on the day borrower gets his/her weekly or monthly salary. The borrower gives the lender authorization to automatically withdraw money from his/her bank account. The loan amounts are usually from$100 to $1000.

Individuals need only an opening bank account and a steady source of income. Normally, borrowers write a post-dated check and keep a promise to repay on time. In turn, lenders give them loan in cash immediately. In case, if the individuals borrow $255 in cash from lender, he/she must write a check for $300, surrendering a $45 fee to the payday lender. Lenders charge normally $15 as a service fee for $100 borrowed, adding up to interest rates that surpassed 400%APR.


Military servicemen are not different from civilians in term of needs and requirements except in case of duty. Just like civilian, they need quick

cash to satisfy the day-to-day emergency activity; paying bill, repairing cars, or shopping for love one and so on. At the end of the pay cycle, they generally face emergency cash problem. So, they automatically look for payday loan like the rest of citizens. Hence, lender establishes military payday loans. Retired or actively serving military personnel can avail the facility of military payday loan that only means for those who serve the nation and sacrifice their lives for people of the nation. Therefore, payday loans military especially represents the sign of appreciation for our brave soldiers. Payday loans military can stands quite distinct among other payday loans with its low interest rate.

Military payday loan means to meet any emergency cash requirement of military personnel. As they have steady resources from Government, they can easily apply for military payday loans. No guarantee is demanded from them under Military payday loan. Military personnel write a new post dated check with a service fee, payable to lender. Lender in turn gives them the loans in cash immediately. Moreover, the lender then draws back his loaned amount from the borrowers account on the promised date by encasing the check. Military payday loans are available in the range of pound 500 to pound 1000 and the loan amount depends on salary and the balance in the bank account. In case, if a military member wants to borrow a bigger amount, his/ her account must have enough balance to repay loan. Otherwise, a security must be put in front of lender. If you are working or retired from the service of military, you are eligible for military payday loan. They will ask you to provide identifications and personal information that will prove your military class. After the confirmation of your status, your loan will be got approved and transferred to your bank account or you can take it in cash. You must provide a post dated check or do an electronic transfer of money for the repayment procedure.


Most people agree that military payday loans can be approved easily as compared to other payday loans. However, you can not lessen service fee easily. Additionally, lenders also make available free loans to military with no service fee. But this type of loan completely depends on military members ability to repay the loan on time. In case of failure, youll be charged service fee. Military service fees are made available online for convenience. Fees are different from lender to lender. So, military servicemen should keep an eagles eye on fee structures and choose the one with suitable rate. The military should take low-amount loan that can be repaid with the amount in your bank account .So, consider your ability to repay the loan on time first and go for a payday loans military.

Military personnel can take military payday loan at special rate lower than the usual rate from various companies (banking or non-banking). They are also provided benefits with longer repayment-period, less documentation and easy approval. Military payday loan does not discriminate military member in term of rank or status. Most civilians thought that military payday only belongs to personnel who energetically serving the nation. Retired or non-active military personnel can also avail this loan in the name of advance loan. Because, retired person does not have payday. Retired servicemen are being offered special payday loan or advance loan with the same rate the military payday loans usually has.


Moreover, you should check the interest rate carefully as it can you let sink into debt and also check punishment for failure on timely repayment. Lender keeps some terms facing military members that those who have bad credit in past will be charged fee higher than one who has a good credit history, but will be lower than a civilian with a parallel record. There are few institutions or companies that secretly charge military personnel a higher rate of interest while most companies are offering them military payday loan at low rates. Military members are generally being sent abroad. At this time, they usually face emergencies for immediate cash. However, no need to worry because there are online facilities and they can borrow money from any part of the world. Keep in mind before applying an online payday loan because you might access to other dishonest sites. Always check the site whether it is dedicated to military men and its genuineness.


People will not agree that payday lending is not the only means for consumers who need short-term loans. As an alternative to payday loans, you can look for, such as ; small savings accounts or rainy-day funds; salary advances from employers; credit card advances; working out extended repayment plans with creditors; and from friends, relatives, religious institutions, or social service agencies. Alternatives to payday loans will have full consideration of borrowers ability to repay the loans. Itll provide borrower with longer repayment in installment.

Late fees or penalty fees might be paid only one time with the help of payday alternatives. The debt trap forces payday borrowers to pay fees every two weeks. In the end, rotating payday loan fees increase debt loads and financial hardship, leading people into bankruptcy rather than helping them get back on their feet.


The centre for Responsible Lending estimates that payday lending business costs American $5.5 billion per year in the high rate fees of payday loan, surpassing $3.4 billion in 2002. The payday lending made consumers to become recurring borrowers instead of fulfilling the needs of people for short-term credit. In contrast, it is designed to trap borrowers in swelling debt. Military soldiers are natural targets for pay day lending business. An analysis by the New York times shows that one fourth of military families (26%) have been trapped in payday lending. 10% of the 10,000 active-duty military stationed in Fort Bliss, Texas, must be offered financial counseling because of payday loan and its side effects; debt problems , revealed by officials at Army Emergency Relief office in Fort Bliss.

As the Government provides them a stable income, military personals automatically become the natural targets for pay day lending. At home or abroad, theirs expenses are high when they are on deployment time, At this situation, the payday lenders easily trap them by promising a quick cash from them. Some officers are spending about $7,000 in interest rate to $1,900 borrowed.

Payday lending has been listed as one of the top 10 key subjects that crash the excellence of their soldiers lives, report by the Department of Defense. The Department of Defense also asked the state legislators to cooperate them in defending service members from payday loans. Military members are now given financial counseling and assistance. Many military credit unions are playing a good role as an alternative to rude payday lending and providing short-term loans with special interest and offers to military members.

Military officers say the loans saddled low-paid enlisted men and women with debts that ruined them morally and financially and they faced problem on deploying troops to Iraq or other assignments.

36 CAP:

Consumer loans to servicemen will be limited to 36% annual next year under a law. This law is a response to payday loan that typically charges $15 per $100 or $20 per $100 borrowed for two weeks. Most borrowers usually extend their loans before paying them off and pay fees result in effective annual interest rates of 400% or more. The limits have been approved by congress this month. Bush signed it into law as part of a defense bill. Under 36% rate cap, lenders should not charge more than $1.38 per a $100 loan for the period of two weeks

At last we have a law that will protect our servicemen and women from predatory lending.


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