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Michigan Small business Loans

Finance is the basic requirement for any sort of business be it small or big. There are a number of grants available with the government but getting these grants is not an easy task. This is one of the main reasons why small business entrepreneurs take the help of small business loans. There are a number of financial as well as government institutions that provide michigan loans to small business enterprise.

Every country has a separate department for small business. This department would do research and give recommendations to the government. They are also responsible for the development and supervision of the small business sector. In U.S the department is called as the SBA (Small Business Administration). Michigan also has an office of the small business administration and they assist interested people in developing the small business.

If a person in Michigan wishes to start or expand his small business then there is ample help available for finance. The small business venture can easily get financial help from the Michigan District Office that works under the SBA. It is easy for any person to contact the SBA office in Michigan to get information of any kind. Besides the basic loan information the person can also get information about the other offices that give out financial help.

The Michigan district office has the responsibility of developing the small business sector. This office provides counseling to people who want to start their own business. This counseling is provided through the Michigan Small Business and Technology Development Center. However it should be taken into consideration that the SBA does not provide any loans directly but there are various loan guarantee programs that would help people in getting loans from the various financial institutions in Michigan.

The figures for small business loan finance were approximately $560 million for the year 2005 and the Michigan district office had funded

3140 small business loans. This would give you an idea about the achievement of the Michigan district office. The office would also provide low cost training to people who want to start their own small business enterprise. The contribution of the Michigan District office is not restricted to one area but all over the state. Michigan has around 83 counties and most of them have benefited from the loan guarantee programs. There are a number of financial institutions that work in assistance with the Michigan District Office. Besides the loan assistance program there are a number of private banks and lenders that offer loans to people who wish to start their own small business.

The maximum amount of michigan loans that can be guaranteed by the SBA is $1,000,000. In case the loan amount is more than this amount then the SBA would guarantee about 75% of the amount. The maximum interest rate permitted on these loans is 2.75% above the highest interest rate that is applicable on loans above $50,000. The Michigan district office would also provide management counseling and they would also give advice on the other aspects of the small business ventures.

Getting some share of the government contacts for the small business enterprises is also one of the main responsibilities of the Michigan District office. This office also provides assistance to very small businesses. When taking small business loans from private institutions in Michigan it is advised that you compare the interest rates provided by various lenders. As there are a number of lenders the rates also vary from one lender to another. Hence it is advised that you compare the offers and then apply for the loan.

With the private lenders apart from the interest rates you should also be careful about the repayment duration of the michigan loans. The term of payment should be such that it can be repaid in time. Besides the repayment the pre-payment penalty should also be taken into consideration. It is usual trend that banks that provide a lower interest rate would usually charge high prepayment penalty, hence this factor should be taken into consideration when taking a small business loan. When the interest rates in the market are on rise then it advised not to go in for a short-term loan. There are a number of web sites that would provide information about the interest rates on small business loans. These sites would also have a forecast for the rates in the coming days and the global trends.

In case the person feels that he would not be able to pay the higher interest rate then he should go in for longer maturity periods, which means he should go in for long term loans. The long-term loans provide a more stable with the long term business planning. It should be taken into consideration that the maturity period provided by domestic banks is longer as compared to foreign banks. But the call provision for the foreign bank is higher in comparison to the domestic bank.

Hence we can figure out that michigan loans has all the possible help required to provide finance for small business ventures. In case you wish to take a government loan then you can easily approach the Michigan District Office and get information from them regarding the government loans. Make sure that you would be able to make the payments on time. Besides providing financial assistance the Michigan District office also provides some advice and counseling to the people who wish to start their own small business enterprise. In case you have any plans of starting your own small business then you can easily approach the Michigan district office for assistance.

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